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Why Women Fall For Married Men

why women fall for married men

There seem to be reasons why women fall for married men. How many times have you heard these stories? Some have even involved a man cheating with his wife’s best friend! But how do things get here? Why do women fall for married men, when there are several single men around? Why do they risk breaking another woman’s marriage? Worse, why do it with a friend’s husband? If you are asking yourself these questions, here are some reasons why women fall for married men.

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Mate Poaching

why women fall for married men

Mate Poaching is a term that David Buss used in his book, Evolution of Desire. The terms describe those who still seek out people even when they are in a committed relationship.

A study showed that 90% of interviewed women would still pursue a man even if they knew he was in a committed relationship.

Power and Control

Some women say they get attracted to married men because of the power and control they have to leave at any time they wish. In such relationships, there are also no strings attached and no commitments. However, these women do not realize that having control in a relationship means they fear being abandoned or getting in a committed relationship. So they go to such relationships to feel safe, maybe because they have been abused in the past. They think by having control over a man, they feel safe.

They have low self-esteem.

why women fall for married men

A woman who successfully “poaches” a man from his wife treats it as a success and a way to heal their low self-esteem. They feel more attractive and better than before. They also feel more valuable than the man’s current partner, boosting her self-esteem.

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Psychological reasons

Single women tend to be attracted to married men for psychological reasons even before falling physically for them. This is one of the major reasons why women get attracted to married men.

Women tend to copy other women’s ideal definition of a man. This makes them find another woman’s man more attractive. When a man attracts many women to his side, he becomes a person of interest to most women.

Less demanding

Most single women have their reasons for being single. Some are single because they want to pursue their career first, and others fear commitment, among other reasons.  When it comes to having an affair with a married man, they do not have too many demands as having an affair with a single man. This suits many single and independent women out there. Most of them even prefer having a child and never getting married.

Financial Stability

Another good reason why women get attracted to married men. Compared to single men, most men have money and are established with businesses to run and generally have a financial advantage. Women are mostly unable to resist a man who serves as a provider. They also imagine how the man can also provide to them.

Maturity and experience

Married men are more mature and reason properly on life issues more than single men. Married men are always planned to handle any issues coming their way. Married men also tend to be more understanding than single men.

Women want to raise their egos.

Most women don’t just want to hear they are hot. They want to hear they are IRRESISTIBLY HOT. And if a man risks his whole marriage just to be with the woman, now that raises self-esteem. She gets the bragging rights for winning him over.

Women just like a challenge

Women know that men love to be fought over. And when they sense the potential of the man’s girlfriend or wife being weak in delivering romance and love to the man, they bring on the challenge to her.

Married men also have some attractive traits to women.

Married men tend to be more confident, charming, and with little worry than their single counterparts. Women often find these traits so cool and get attracted by them. This attraction pulls them towards the married men.

Possible Effects Of Having An Affair With A Married Man

Any of these outcomes is possible when a woman is dating a married man.

Get married

Though it is a rare scenario, it is not impossible. If the woman and the man fall deeply in love and envision the future together, they can turn their affair into marriage.

Break up

The single woman can be left single again if her reasons for dating such men backfire. She may also change her mind and want to get in a serious relationship with a single man rather than having a married man’s temporary affair.

When the man regrets getting into the affair

While most women who get into this relationship have the power to do what they want, married men in these relationships can come to their senses after the excitement and intimacy fade off. 

The affair comes to an end.

While most people do not know how to end an affair, most will just fade away without a word. When affairs die, both parties go their separate ways.

How to avoid dating a married man

  • Leave ASAP when you find out that the man is married.
  • If you are already in such an affair, leave immediately. If you stay and get discovered, it will cause too much trauma to you.
  • Avoid men who tell you about their unhappy marriage. Who knows that the same will be said about you in the future? 
  • If the man is divorcing his wife, try to stay away for at least a year first.

Dating a married man can be a risky affair that can have severe consequences for a woman. For whatever reason women fall for married men, the effects of its end can affect you emotionally and physically. You may think you are punishing the other woman, but you may hurt even more than them.

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