Is Masturbation Cheating? 8 Ways It Can Affect Your Relationship.

Is masturbation cheating? If your answer is no, what would you feel if you walked into your partner masturbating?

Steven D. Pinkerton, in the Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality, said that if prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, then masturbation is the world’s oldest avocation.

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A lot of research reports have solidly backed up this claim. In the United States alone, the research found out that over 74% of males (between 14-17 years)  and over 48% of females of the same age masturbate.

This was the same for adults. 63% of men and 32% of females aged between 57 and 64 were reported to be involved in an avocation.

These numbers lead to one thing; your partner may be masturbating without your knowledge. Even if you already know about it, there are reasons behind masturbation.

While there are several controversies around masturbation, people do it for enjoyment, fun, or to release sexual tension.

Whatever reason that causes masturbation, one question arises. Is masturbation cheating? Especially when your partner keeps it a secret from you?

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We look into the negative and positive effects of masturbation in your relationship to find out the truth. 

Why Is Masturbation Cheating? The Side Effects

Masturbation does not have any proven side effects on a person’s health. However, excessive masturbation could actually have side effects on your relationship. Here are some ways it can affect your relationship.

Feelings of guilt

Is masturbation cheating

What mainly causes feelings of guilt is a person’s spiritual and cultural beliefs. If you are a religious person, you will probably feel the guilt of sinning before the maker. 

Many cultural beliefs also criticize masturbation as a dirty and shameful act. 

Masturbation, however, is neither wrong nor immoral. If you feel guilty, find someone you trust to speak to. If you are more spiritual, you can also choose to avoid it instead. There are many ways you can stop masturbating.

Reduced Sexual Sensitivity

Is masturbation cheating

As a man, having excessive and aggressive masturbation can actually cause a decreased sensation on your penis. This is the last thing you would want to happen in your relationship. The sex experiences with your partner may be affected. If it gets affected severely, you may have issues with satisfaction in bed.

Disrupted Daily Life

Is masturbation cheating

What if you get addicted to masturbation? The chances are that your daily life will be affected. You will begin missing work, important social events, and classes. Addiction can also affect your relationship responsibilities as you will tend to escape from the issues surrounding your relationship.

If you find that masturbation affects your daily life activities, you should speak to a healthcare professional to help you find a solution.

Prostate Cancer

Research is still ongoing on whether masturbation increases or decreases the risk of getting prostate cancer. In 2003, a study concluded that men in their 20s who ejaculated at least five times a week were less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who ejaculated less.

However, more research needs to be conducted before a valid conclusion is reached.

Are There Benefits Of Masturbation?

Surprisingly, there are more benefits of masturbation than side effects. 

Hormone and chemical release

Masturbation, just like any other sexual activity leading to pleasure and orgasm, triggers the release of important hormones for the body. Some of the hormones released during masturbation include:

  • Dopamine: Also known as the happiness hormone, dopamine triggers motivation and reward-seeking.
  • Oxytocin: Oxytocin enhances sexual and social behaviors by supporting positive social interaction.
  • Serotonin: This is a neurotransmitter that promotes happiness and satisfaction. Research has linked higher serotonin levels to a boost in mood.

Other hormones released during masturbation include endorphins, prolactin, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.

Improved sleep

Masturbation triggers the release of important hormones and neurotransmitters that help lower stress levels and blood pressure. As a result, a higher relaxation level is achieved, making you fall asleep easily.

A study conducted among 778 adults revealed the connection between good sleep and orgasm. Many respondents reported falling asleep quickly after masturbation.

Reduced pain

Endorphins and Endocannabinoids released during masturbation are known for helping in pain and inflammation regulation. Some studies have actually found a connection between sexual activity and how they relieve migraines and headaches.

Improved sexual health

Masturbation has been recognized as one of the strategies to improve sexual health. If you want to promote sexual intimacy in bed with your partner, you can begin by exploring your self-pleasure and needs through masturbation.

In addition, it helps you avoid getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

To women, masturbation helps prevent unwanted pregnancies with their partners.

Is Masturbation Cheating?

Navigating the waters of what constitutes infidelity in a relationship, especially concerning masturbation, deeply depends on your personal beliefs and the specific boundaries set within your relationship itself.

It’s important to recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer here; what’s important is the communication between partners. Engaging in an honest dialogue where each person feels comfortable expressing their views and boundaries can help prevent misunderstandings and ensure that both partners are on the same page.

It’s also worth considering the intent and context behind the action. Is it a form of self-exploration or self-care, or is it something that detracts from the intimacy within the relationship? Understanding and respecting each other’s perspectives on such a sensitive topic is key to nurturing trust and empathy within the partnership. Therefore, whether masturbation is cheating can only be determined by the people in that relationship, their collective values, conversations, and agreements will determine the outcome.

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3 thoughts on “Is Masturbation Cheating? 8 Ways It Can Affect Your Relationship.”

  1. Yes, it is cheating in my relationship, 1. If he is sneaking and doing it 2. And if he is looking at another naked person body and thinking of doing whatever to that person that gets him off. I feel that if your person wants to get off here/ she should be getting off by you mentally physically anyway!

  2. I have been married n to the same man for 12 years and never cared if he got the baby batter off the brain as they say. But…
    We have been having fairly severe marital troubles for about 3 years now,and I decided to do some digging for info or anything to help me understand why his behaviour had changed so drastically, especially towards me. And it isn’t my first rodeo recognizing signs of cheating. So while I was digging I came across the fact that he was masterbating at the office right before he goes home 3+ times a week. Which in turn would allow him to avoid intimate feelings for me. And I must throw in that he also had cut me completely off of any sex or anything that goes along with it for 2 1/2 years. Sooo. In my case I do believe it’s cheating.

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