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Body Language Of A Cheating Wife – 8 Signs

Cheating Wife

Body language is the nonverbal signals everyone uses to communicate. When a cheating wife is talking to you, their body language will be saying a lot more than their words. If you notice any of these 8 signs they are either cheating or something else is seriously wrong in the relationship.

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1. Lack Of Public Display Of Affection

If your wife has certain behaviour traits and these start to slowly change over time that would be normal, people grow and change all the time. However, if they had previously shown affection publicly, either by kissing when saying bye or hugging and holding hands in public and then all of a sudden it changes, something is wrong and you might have a cheating wife. Lack of public affection is a key sign that they are not happy in the relationship and they might have already begun looking for affection elsewhere.

2. Lack Of Touch In Private

Woman generally touch more often than men, they will speak to you while touching your shoulder, reach in for a hug or rub your back when you had a hard day at work. If your woman is cheating and giving their affection to someone else they may not feel like they have much more to give. They might even forget about your own personal needs, touch is an important form of communication and when someone stops caring about how you feel they will also stop touching you as often.

3. Over Expression With Hand Gestures

A lier will use their hands to talk more than normal, their hands will be used to express themselves as an attempt to get away with the lies and seem more convincing. Subconsciously they will think that if their stories and lies have more life to them they will be more believable. Hand gestures have always been used by great storytellers, if you notice your wife is using a lot more hand gestures while talking this is a sign of a cheating wife.

4. Avoiding Eye Contact

Poker players will pay attention to someone avoiding eye contact, it tells them that the person avoiding eye contact is being deceptive and not telling the truth. A cheating wife will avoid eye contact because they think you will be able to see the shame in their eyes and find out they have been cheating. They might just be talking about what’s for supper or asking how your day was, but in the back of their mind, they are thinking of the affair and don’t want you to see it in their eyes.

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5. Kissing On The Cheek

If they used to be a deep kisser and now they seem more rushed and just go for a quick kiss on the cheek something is off. When it starts to feel like there affection towards you is more like a friend lookout, your partner is hiding something. Try to make a point to slow them down, treat them with a night out. After dinner find a moment and give them a long kiss, if they are really into it you might be okay but if its another vibe of your partner not really enjoying the moment you could be on a date with a cheating wife.

6. Noticeably Stressed More Often

If your wife is carrying a lot of weight on their shoulders and you know there is a specific cause for it then this sign is harder to point out as cheating. If there are no major or obvious indicators, like a recent death in the family, loss of a job or other work-related stress then what else could it be? They might be cheating and the stress of keeping it a secret could just be unbearable to them. If they are always irritable, giving short answers, holding tension in their neck and specifically jaw then something could be really wrong in the relationship.

7. Bed Time Changes

If you had a frequent bedtime routine, maybe you both went to bed together at the same time and now she stays up late on her phone texting with friends you will want to figure out who she is texting with. If you are able to check on her phone and find a name or number you’re not familiar with and you don’t trust the answer she gives you, “it is a new girlfriend” or “co-worker girlfriend”. Try running a background check just to see if that person is who she says it is.

8. Negative Cluster Clues

If you are with your wife and you notice a few of these negative nonverbal body language clues clustered together then its a clear sign they are either lying or something is really wrong. One of these signs on there own is not an indicator of a liar but a few clustered together is a clear sign. Looking down or anywhere except the face, crossed arms, legs, or holding an object in between both of you while talking. Scratching, having their feet facing away from you while talking, hands in pockets, hunched shoulders and closed fists just to name a few.

-Research shows that when we communicate feelings and attitudes, a small percentage of our overall message comes from the words we use. 55% of our message comes from body language. 38% of our message comes from tone of voice. Only 7% of our message is conveyed by the words we use (Mehrabian, 2007). When trying to figure out if you are with a cheating wife it’s very important to listen to all forms of communication. When the words they use doesn’t match their body language something is wrong and needs to be dealt with right away.

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