Reverse Address Lookup, Simplified

TruthScouts Reverse Address LookUp is an advanced tool to find out all the details attached to an address, including owner's name, value, deed, and all relevant public record data attached to the owner.

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"I was able to use the reverse address lookup to do a check on the info my realtor provided on a house I was looking to buy. Once I had checked and found the info matched, I was able to make the purchase with greater peace of mind."

Aaron Shore | New Mexico

Find out all about your new neighborhood.

"As a father, the safety of my 3 girls is above all else. I used reverse address lookup to find out about the neighborhood we were moving into. It gave me details of all the homeowners in the area and also their backgrounds. Truly helpful!"

Patrick Berman | Florida

The best property search out there!

"TruthScouts is the best way to search for a property to buy, it gives you only the info about the house, but it helps you even find out about your neighbors by just using addresses, taking the guessing out of the equation."

Lana Del | California