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Suspect a suspiscious caller? Someone Texting That You don't Know? Run a Reverse Phone Search right away! TruthScouts phone search tool helps you with just a phone number.

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Reverse Phone Search?

TruthScouts Reverse Phone Search uses the best-in-class technology to offer you a wide range of legal searches, giving you a complete public background on a phone number.

Wide Range of Searches

No caps on the number of searches one can perform, giving more power to the user.

Legal & Accessible

We give you access to all public records attached to the number, making it 100% legal.

100% Anonymous

Every search is 100% private and secure, ensuring your personal information is safe.

Uncover More With TruthScouts
Beyond a Phone Search

Our state-of-the-art search technology gives you a complete background Search on the number.

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Reverse Phone Searches Helped me uncover the truth!

"I used the service to uncover more about a number."

Jessica | New Jersey

No more irritating telemarketing calls, thanks to TruthScouts.

"As a therapist, I have to deal with telemarketing calls from a lot of vendors, and it really took a toll on my productivity and focus. I have used TruthScouts effectively to block this nuisance."

Barry Sheffer | Los Angeles

A great tool to keep a check on your children's phone activity.

"I noticed my teenage daughter would go all pale sometimes after talking on the phone. I used TruthScouts to do a quick search and found out that it was a senior who would call and bully her. Once I found out, I did the needful to put this to an end."

Erica L. | New York

Beware of texts!

"I used this service to see the "Boss" contact was not really the boss! "