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Cheating & Infidelity

Easy Ways To Catch Your Partner Using Cheating Apps

Cheating Apps

If you suspect your partner is cheating, the best way to address the situation is to have a conversation. If they listen to your concerns and respond with reminders that they do love you and only want to be with you this could relieve the situation. Sometimes you might be left with questions or some parts of the story might not all add up. You attempt to trust them but are still left with an icky feeling, something just doesn’t sit right. Taking a look into your partner’s messaging apps, social media platforms, and unknown cheating apps might be the final solution.

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Messaging Apps

Facebook Messenger

Facebook can be used as a dating platform, which would be obvious and easy to catch. However, there is a secret conversation option that allows encryption along with conversations and media to be deleted after a set time. If there is a secret conversation active with anyone, it will have a little “lock” logo within the picture of the person they are messaging with. If you can open the message, it might be empty due to the automatic delete function. However there is no reason to have a secret conversation open with anyone, and that would be a big red flag.


Similar to snap chat, but more straight to the goods. Wickr is designed so you can send text, videos, pictures, documents, audio files and this can be set to be visible for as little as one second and up to five days. If your partner and you have been messaging using this currently or in the recent past it might be okay. If the app was never used between the two of you, it should of been deleted or it’s up for questioning.

Whats App

If you find this app on their phone, click on their contact list. It will show you who they have been interacting with the most. The messages can be deleted, so it may only give more speculation of cheating. If you do find deleted messages, you may need to resort to a spy phone app. This can help you see all messages and photos shared through every app and social media platform. The spy phone app would be the ultimate tool to get an instant answer if they have been cheating or not.

Social Media Platforms

Snap Chat

Snap Chat couples as a messaging platform and social media. Check who they have been messaging with, any smiley faces or hearts beside a name would indicate a lot of communication and they could be talking about a lot more than just friendly conversation. Also, check there “stories” and if they are seductive or flirty this could be for more attention. Snap Chat seems innocent but it has the potential to be used as one of their cheating apps.

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You want to check conversation history, who they have been searching and if they have been posting a lot of selfies recently. If they don’t normally post selfies, but all of a sudden they have a new “friend” on Instagram and are now posting selfies, this could be for attention and seduction. They may have a private account, if you can get on their account, click on the bottom right profile button. Then click on the profile name on the top left. You will then see all of their accounts and if there is any that you are not aware of click on the name and search the messages and following/followers.


Most phones have a screen lock, which is normal. If they have their Facebook account locked as well, meaning it requires a password every time they want to use it, that is questionable and might be used as one of the cheating apps. If you can get into their Facebook account, look into the search bar. If they are looking up people they shouldn’t such as an ex or someone you know that “likes” them, they may have erased the “recently searched” names. If they didn’t clear the search you can see who they have been looking up.

Hook up Apps


Tinder would be one of the obvious cheating apps. However you might not find the app on the phone, they could easily download the app and then delete the app after each use, but what they would do is keep the account active. You may need to do ask a friend to create a fake account and search on Tinder for your partner. If you do find them, that’s not good. Take it further and have your friend swipe right and spark up a conversation, ask them personal questions and plan a meeting. This would catch them in a red-handed cheating attempt.


Another one of the cheating apps, Bumble. These apps are designed to help people get exactly what they ask for. From real relationships to hookups, and infidelity. Again you might not be able to find the app on the phone, but asking a friend to create a fake account and look them up would be the best way to see if they have a live account.

Ok Cupid

A dating app where people openly share their desires, some accounts even state they are in an unhappy relationship and they are looking for someone to cheat with. It is possible for someone to create an account and once in a new relationship, they forgot to delete it. If you see this app on your partner’s phone or in their emails, we recommend having a friend create a fake account and spark conversation. If there are any live replies, you will know its an active account. Ask them to meet and catch them red-handed.

Catch The Cheater – Extra Tips

Credit Card Statements

Cheating apps might not always be easy to find on the phone, sometimes a cheater won’t download the app for fear of it being found. If you can check their credit card statement, look for expenditures that have acronyms for the company name. This is a way cheating and dating apps attempt to keep private on a bill.

Nosy Trap

You will only find this app on Iphones, its a setup to catch anyone snooping on the phone. When the app is activated, if someone clicks on the screen to open the phone it takes a photo using the front-facing camera. If your partner says they caught you on the phone and it took a picture of you that would be concerning, because what do they have to hide? You could of went to use their phone for anything especially if your phone was dead. Phone calls, play a game, check your own social media. Nosy Trap is really a cheating app to catch anyone trying to dig up information from their phone.

-We hope you never have to worry about your partner cheating on you, but if you have concerns we are here to help. Remember that communication in a relationship is the initial step. If you try that route and are still worried. We have solutions, take care and be well.

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