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What Narcissists Do When Ending A Relationship

Being in a relationship with a narcissist is the worst love story you could ever experience. You feel like an outsider in your relationship with not attention or intimacy. Everything that goes wrong is on you, while everything that goes right is on them. It won’t take long before you decide to end everything. 

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When it comes to ending a relationship with a narcissist, they will act in multiple ways. The one-time ‘charismatic charmer’ may make you feel the heartbreak with what they say when breaking up. Since they have made themselves the center of your universe, they can manipulate you and use this advantage for themselves. This makes it even hard for you to end things up. 

Knowing what narcissists do when ending a relationship can help you avoid manipulation and improve your emotional health. Here are some things narcissists do when you want to break up with them.

They will punish you.

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Braking up with a narcissist can be confusing and painful. Since they know leaving them is an intolerable insult to their ego, they will fight to get back to hurt you and cause chaos. If they choose this path, you will know about it. 

Narcissists can take your belongings and turn your friends against you by bad-mouthing you. 

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While you can let them know that you are leaving them, it is always recommended that you leave quietly without letting them know of anything. Just leave slowly and gradually. 

They may shed crocodile tears.

What narcissists do when ending a relationship

It’s usual for narcissistic people to suddenly turn remorseful and promise to be better when you leave them. However, you should note that they are never genuinely apologetic. They are just drawing a plan to rehook you up with narcissism. 

Narcissists don’t just change because they promise they will. If they promise to change, they have to be genuinely remorseful and responsible, something they lack altogether. By any chance, you notice your partner is a narcissist; their chances of changing overnight and turn into a remorseful person are close to non-existent. If they are doing this, then they have an il plan. So many times, people have gone back to their narcissistic partners only to be hurt and abused even more. 

“I wanted to end it anyway.”

Narcissist always wants to preserve their ego and feel like they got the final say when you tell them you’re ending the relationship. They can also tell you they wanted to end it to make you feel you’re the one who has been dumped. 

They always tell you this to make you feel the pain, even when you explain to them that you have decided to leave. 

If you listen to these lies, you may find yourself falling into the same trap once more. No one ever wants to feel left. However, don’t let them control you and manipulate your decisions to work for them. 

They will quickly find a replacement and inform you

Narcissists move on from one relationship to another very fast. People who truly love someone can’t move on so quickly. 

Whether you called the shots or the other way round, they are always ready for the next victim. 

While it may be hurtful to know you were quickly replaced, you should be happy to leave such a person in your past. 

They will blame you

A narcissist will always blame you for the failed relationship. Since they believe they are the victims of life, they will try to make you the bad guy. 

The best way out for them is to let you feel guilty for having been the person to end the relationship. 

You may be quickly forgotten.

When they are the one who decided to end the relationship, you can quickly be discarded like you no longer exist. It can be so painful than being replaced as you still have feelings towards them. 

But if you are the one who cut off the ties because of the abuse and pain they caused you, you should never regret making such a decision. There’s no need to feel the pain of being forgotten. After all, you don’t want anything to do with them.

They will try and make it hard for you to move on.

A narcissist will not let you end the relationship, destroy your ego, and move on peacefully. They will try and make it hard for you to move on. The moment they realize you are healing from the pain and building your life again, they do everything in their power to ruin everything once more. Even if it means pretending they have changed to get you back and cause more havoc.

They will kill you with guilt.

Suppose you managed to stay adrift of the manipulation and decided to break up things between the two of you, a narcissistic person will try to feed you will all the guilt saying you just used them and you are the reason why the relationship didn’t work out. 

Despite all the guilt they are trying to feed you, you probably have made the right decision. Remember, you have chosen to stay away from manipulation and toxic relationship. However much guilt they will try to feed you, chin up! And move on without any regrets.


While the first day in a relationship with a narcissist may look like heaven on earth, staying in a one-player relationship, where all the attention and credit belongs to one person, is overly exhausting. When you decide to move on and end things up, do it without looking back because it’s the right decision to do. No one deserves to be in such a relationship.

No matter what they do when ending things up to revenge your decision, don’t fall for their traps.

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