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Too Many Relationship Problems? Here Are 9 Ways To Solve Them

How do you react to your relationship problems? Do you easily give up and feel frustrated, or do you find a way to fix whatever is broken? Relationship problems are inevitable, and every couple finds a way of solving them. Unsettled relationship problems are a major cause of downfall in many relationships. However, it does not mean that successful relationships have fewer problems but those who have found an effective way to solve their relationship problems.

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Whenever you face relationship problems break up should not always be the answer. So here are ways to solve those problems in your relationship.

Communicate with your partner

Relationship problems

Keeping away from things and not getting involved feels easier than facing the profound issues head-on, but it is not a way to overcome relationship problems. 

Even though it is not easy to talk to your partner, communicate with them. Consider starting off the conversation with something like, “Hey, I Love  you,and I’d like to talk about something that has been on my mind lately.” It doesn’t have to be intense. Just approach it in a simple way. For instance, you can go out for coffee in a nearby cafe, take a walk, or simply cuddle on the couch.  Always ensure you say what you have to say without restricting yourself. You may sometimes conceal your relationship problems as you fear hurting your partner’s feelings, but it is better to get it off your chest.

Communication is the first step to solving relationship problems, so ensure you find a sweet way to communicate with your partner.

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Don’t expect a particular outcome

Having expectations is setting yourself up for disappointment. Wanting things done in a certain way is what is holding back your relationship. There is “no right way” set on how a relationship should be. Always be subjective in the relationship as they are things your partner will need that are exclusive to them as a person, but there is no set “right” for the relationship. Let go of what you think should be,  embrace what is present at the moment and work with what your relationship has.

Validating your partner’s feelings

Relationship problems

Everyone wants their feelings validated and acknowledged. That’s vital for both romantic and friendship relationships. When you are facing relationship problems, arguments can get heated. You may exchange harsh words, but listening to what your partner has to say is the most important thing.  Acknowledge their feelings and try not to be defensive.

You might be tempted to disrupt them if they say something that hurts you, but be patient and let them finish before sharing your opinion.

Compromise matters

Relationship problems are inevitable for any romantic relationship. In most arguments, everyone feels that their stance on the issue is right. However, there are three stances in any argument, your partner’s opinion, your position, and a compromise. When you listen to each other, you are willing to meet your partner halfway and find a solution to your relationship problems.

Compromising indicates that you care for your partner and makes all the difference in future disagreements.

Take some space from each other, but set an amount of time

Giving each other some space can be a good way to cool emotions down, more so when you have a heated argument. Rarely can you come up with a sound solution to your relationship problems if you are high on emotions, so it’s better just to take some time off. 

Once you decide on taking a break from each other, have a set time limit. Then, make sure you dedicate a specific time to solve your relationship problems.

Say sorry and mean it

Don’t just say sorry. Instead, let your actions show that you mean it. For instance., when arguing with your partner, you will often hurt each other’s feelings by your words or actions. Regardless of whose fault it is, be ready to say sorry.

Take a walk together

One of the best ways to solve your relationship problems is taking a walk together. Unlike traveling or going out on vacation, taking a walk is a simpler way to figure out your relationship problems and find the best solution to them. 

In addition, walks help you relax and realize that you are on the same journey together.

Don’t put all the blame on your partner

Do not play blame games when solving your relationship problems with your partner if you want to save your marriage or relationship. Whenever you have a problem with your partner, consider two possibilities: maybe your partner’s reaction could be due to how you treated them, or you are partly responsible for what happened.

Evaluate yourself on a personal level. Are you playing your part as a partner? What do you think triggered your partner’s mistakes? Could you have prevented the mistakes from happening?

However, sometimes you might do everything right but won’t just play their part and end up messing everything. If you happen to be in such a scenario, never blame yourself. Instead, be ready to distinguish between when you are right and when you are being taken advantage of.

Don’t argue over the phone, chat, or text

relationship problems
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Solving your relationship problems via personal confrontations works best for couples. Arguing over the phone, chat, or via text is limiting, and you might not get to understand your partner’s point of view. 

Besides, emotions expressed via messages may be misinterpreted hence only making matters worse.

Ensure you dedicate time to talk about your relationship problems in person, maybe over dinner or lunch, just the two of you. An intimate environment allows you to discuss your relationship problems comfortably.


Every couple goes through all sorts of relationship problems. There is no exception. Regardless of how long you have been together, obstacles will always come your way.

 You might not have the perfect love story but try to solve your relationship problems using the above tips rather than piling up your problems. Relationship problems are inevitable so ensure you are ready and strong to tackle them all! 

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