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Dealing With Breakup: 14 Things To Do After A Breakup

So it happened. You have parted ways with your better half. Whether it is due to infidelity, disagreements, or any other reason, it’s time to move on. There are so many things to do after a breakup.

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Even with the memories still fresh in your mind about how you enjoyed time together, the best time to enjoy your singledom is now.

Whether you or your ex made the move or decided amicably, you need to put all things in the past and focus on how you can heal

Before getting to the next relationship, you need some little alone time, spend some time with friends and family. Do not take things fast, because any rash decision to move to the next relationship without some time to heal will affect your next relationship.

Have some things to do. Create a list if possible. Here are some things you can do after a breakup.

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Grieve (a little)

things to do after a breakup

Do not overdo it. Some people have the habit of grieving for too long and playing the victim. Do not sit in your misery for too long. You have to accept it has happened, pick yourself up, and move on! Allow the healing process to take place naturally. 

Talk to a therapist

things to do after a breakup

Talking to a friend is right. But with time, you will need a professional figure for guidance. Friends can get tired if you make your situation the center of discussion every time you are with them. They also want to see you moving on. But in the real sense, you still want an honest talk about your breakup. Therapists can help you in such a situation.

Disconnect with them from social media

We have already assumed that you have cut the communication between each other. Now get to the next step and disconnect with them in all social media. Unfollow, unfriend, and block their accounts. 

If you are not ready for such a bold move, then hide them from your newsfeed.

Another best way to avoid them is by taking a social media break. Ask your friend to change all your passwords and get off social media for some time.

Create a playlist

You will always find yourself remembering your ex when a song that you both loved plays. To avoid such memories, create a playlist, a breakup playlist with feel-good songs that will keep you empowered all day.


Hit the gym, run or take any fitness exercise to boost your mood. Plus, you will feel better if you get a whole new attractive body.

Party with friends

How about putting on your sexiest clothes and have a night out with your best friends? You are single and free! Go dance! Drink and have fun! Enjoy the music and the company of new people around you! Partying will at least keep you away from the breakup thoughts.

Do not forget to take care of yourself when having fun. A night out is great to put past sad memories but do not overdo it continually.

Go on a trip

Things to do after a breakup

There is always a place you have always wanted to visit. It’s time to take those vacations and see the world. You are free to travel when and where you want to go! You can go on your own or organize with friends. 

Read books

Lose yourself in those excellent books you have heard of. Ask friends for recommendations. Find books on Amazon, visit your local library or buy them in book stores near you. 

Books are a great way to drive attention to another world, away from yours for some time.

Appreciate the good things about your past relationship

Staying positive even after a breakup, especially thinking positively about your partner, could be challenging. But everything happens for a reason. Appreciate the lessons you have learned, see some good things that happened in your relationship, and you will realize the pain will go away faster.

Love the new person you are and appreciate them for helping you become who you are. The past will now be your story to tell in the future when you look back.

Forgive, then forget.

Anger will only cause more grief and harm to you. Even if you do not forgive your partner, the effects of your anger will be yours to face. So, forgiving them for whatever reason that made you break up is the best decision to make.

You can forgive them and not let them in your life again. You forgive them to have peace of mind.

If you have peace of mind, you will move on with your life, and hopefully, they will too.

Find a soothing routine.

“An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.” It is clear that your routine has changed and you have to adapt to the new norm, alone. You cannot keep doing what you were doing with your partner all by yourself. Find some routines to do and keep yourself busy. 

It is time to try those yoga exercises to keep your mind and body fresh.

Try DIY projects that you never had time to do. The point here is to keep yourself busy and avoid staying idle.

Download a breakup app

Breakup apps keep you connected with people who are dealing with breakups and sharing their stories. There is nothing as relieving as realizing that you are not alone and the breakup did not just happen to you alone.

Get that app, share your story, and pick up a few pieces of advice.

Take long walks

Nature walks a head-clearing activity that will keep your soul fresh by connecting with nature. Taking them in the evenings when your body needs some rest time is better and more refreshing.

Watch a sad movie

Sometimes watching a sad movie to help you “feel what you feel” is the best thing to do. If you are still grieving, search for sad movies and watch them! Cry along and combine the sad scenes with your grief. In the end, you will find yourself coping up with breakup easily and moving on fast with your life.


Breakups happen, and no one is resistant to them. It can also happen to you. When it happens, you should not be worried that it is the end of the world. Instead of playing victim, there is so much you can do after a breakup. 

Take the breakup as an ordinary incident that can happen to anyone. Now think of ways you can enjoy your singledom.

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