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Cheating & Infidelity

Simple Guide To Catch A Cheater

Catch A Cheater

We hear it all the time, “They Cheated On Me! I never thought it would happen to me. I’m such a good partner, I don’t know what happened”. This article will teach you the basics of how to catch a cheater because sometimes in life we can be and do our best and bad things can still happen. We do not deserve the negativity, but sometimes our love for another can blind us to what might be obvious to someone else.

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Serial Cheaters

Ask your partner if they have cheated on someone else and how many times. As the old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” If your current partner gives an honest answer, that’s a start. If they confess they have cheated multiple times, no matter how good the relationship is chances are they will cheat on you. If you are okay with being cheated on then no big deal but if it’s not what you want then you need to reconsider how much you love this partner and if you are willing to be with them anyway.

Social Media

What kind of Social Media user is your significant other? Do they post a lot? Are the posts sexual attention grabbers? If they are constantly posting for attention, they may have low self-esteem and looking for attention from the type of people you wouldn’t want. Online cheating has become cited in a third of separation legal cases, this means that if your partner is a cheater that the person they would cheat on you with is most likely to come from Social Media. Catching them conversing with someone online that they plan to sleep with can be tricky. Using a spy phone app can help catch a cheater using Social Media or any avenue where a cell phone is involved.

Red Flags

-No longer go to bed together – Cell phone privacy increased dramatically – Becomes unreliable to answer the phone when you call – No longer have sex or a drastic increase in sex – Sudden change of interests and hobbies – If you ask about cheating and they freak out its a huge red flag.

Sex Life Changes

Cheaters and liers make up all kinds of crazy excuses and ideas for their actions. You would think that if you were having frequent sex (multiple times a week) and it stopped that it would be because they are cheating. That may be so but the opposite is true as well. An increase in sex can sometimes be related to an attempt to make it seem like they don’t need sex elsewhere. Notice if they are engaged in the sex, not just sexually by intimately. If they still ask you what you like or need, show signs of not rushing, listening to your body and staying engaged then they are intimate. A quick get off is sexually engaged.

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Credit Card and Bank Statements

If you can check their credit and bank statements, look for expenditures that have acronyms instead of a company name. This is a way cheating and dating apps attempt to keep bills private. There could be other purchases at shopping malls or retail stores of products that didn’t make it to your home and is at someone else’s. If you live together, ask to share a bank account and see how they react, a quick no might raise some questions.

Keep A Journal

To catch a cheater be prepared for a lengthy endeavor. If you have suspicions and your not overly invested in the relationship call it quits early on, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you are deeply in love, have a long term relationship and you’re not full of radical insecurities you will need to keep a journal. Emotions have a way of diminishing memory and you want to make decisions based on facts, not speculations. You want to have enough information when it comes time to make an accusation or address concerning questions. Then you won’t be flying from the whim of emotions and your facts are more likely to expose the truth.

Change Your Plans At Random

Tell your partner you’re going away for the weekend and come home early saying someone got sick and needed to cancel plans. Showing up when your partner is not expecting you is a good way to catch a cheater in the moment. When they think you are out of town, stay at a friend’s house in town for one night. Call your partner and ask them what they have planned if they say they are staying home have a friend drive by the house and look. Remember to check the driveway for what vehicles are there. This could indicate if its a common friend or someone unknown.

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