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Fast Ways to Catch Cheaters Texting

catch cheaters texting

How to Catch Cheaters Texting

If you have started to get the sense that your significant other has a hard time putting their phone down because they need to keep up with text messages, there is a chance they could be cheating on you and all of those “important conversations” are not what you want. While this is often a sign of cheating, it is important to remember that it is not always the case. You want to act with as much information as you can get before confronting them. While getting this confirmation can be a little challenging at times, we have provided a list of several approaches to streamline the process.

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Look Over Your Phone App Options

There are multiple applications that allow you to spy on a phone and see who’s texting with your significant other. While a lot of these apps are quite effective at helping you figure out everything you need to catch cheaters texting, it is important that you look over your options and figure out which sort of app or package is best for your particular needs.

Each of these spy apps gives you full access to every text that comes and goes from your significant other’s phone, allowing you to catch cheaters texting pinpoint and finds the exact moment evidence manifests itself. Note that while some apps are free and others are not, price is not the only reason to assess whether or not a particular spy app is right for you. User reviews and comments on Reddit can be a reliable metric when it comes to this option.

Ask If You Can Look at Their Phone

The next time that you catch your partner texting, just ask to see their phone. This might be straightforward, but it can also work. If they refuses to acquiesce, chances are high that they are doing something they shouldn’t. One benefit of this approach is it does not rely on seeing the conversations. While you can tell that something may be off by body language, especially if they act nervous or strange. It is worth mentioning that they might also be acting secretive because of planning something special for you, be sure there are no major birthdays or anniversaries before you actually confront them.

Look In The Phone During Their Absence

If you have a way to get into the phone, either because you know the password or they do not keep it secured, you can always take the opportunity to look over the phone when they put it down to go for a shower or a nap. This can give you all of the time you need to confirm if they have been cheating. Yes, this approach can be a bit underhanded, so you really need to ask yourself if snooping through the phone is a good way to catch cheaters texting.

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Ask If You Can Borrow Their Phone

If you want to catch cheaters texting, consider asking them to lend the phone to you. If you need an excuse, consider a line like your phone’s battery is dead or that your phone is having some new problems. One benefit of this approach is that it will likely lower their guard or catch them by surprise, meaning they will be unable to delete anything that might incriminate them as a cheater. Be sure to watch their behavior when you ask to borrow the phone. Any sense of nervousness or hesitation is a good sign that they have something on the phone that they are worried you will find.

Ask a Trusted Ally to Look Over His Phone

One of the most reliable ways to suss out what is on the phone is to have a trusted friend or even a parent give his phone the once over. Just tell this special person that you think your partner might be cheating on you and there is a good chance that they will accept the request. One benefit of this approach is that you can find out if there are incriminating messages on your significant other’s phone without having to check yourself. Just remember to choose someone who is above suspicion from your partner or this approach will be pointless.

Leave the Phone As You Found It

However you manage to make it into your significant other’s phone, be mindful not to delete anything you find. Even the slightest missing file or text will draw a massive amount of suspicion, it is best to just leave things as they are. You can always take screenshots of specific messages and send them to your own device if you need remote evidence of specific conversations, be sure to delete the screen shot file! The goal here is to never leave any sign that an infiltration occurred in the first place.

Wait for the Smoking Gun

It is never a good idea to take drastic action, like asking for a divorce, without having all of the information and absolute proof that you have caught your significant other cheaters. The sort of concrete proof you need can include sexual or intimate texts between your significant other and some other party. While you can sense when this sort of conversation is taking place, it is vital that you avoid acting recklessly. If you sense some texts that seem odd, check them at another time and try to build a timeline of events. You might start connecting enough dots to merit drastic action.

In Conclusion

There are multiple approaches when it comes to discerning your significant other’s loyalty and faithfulness through their texting habits. It is vital that you consider each approach before choosing which to pursue. The longer you take to asses your choices, the more resolute you will be when it is time to act. Yes, to catch cheaters texting may can be taxing and agonizing to discover, you owe it to yourself to know the truth. Even if you discover that there is nothing incriminating, that your partner is actually loyal, you can rest at ease knowing that you found nothing. If your research does turn up with some bad news, then you will primed to figure out the best response.

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