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7 Common Marital Problems That May Lead To Divorce

While you may think marriage is the “happily ever after” stage of a relationship, don’t be fooled that married couples don’t have their own experiences of marital problems and issues. Luckily, most marital problems can easily be solved by couples, and life returns to normal. 

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However, some issues and problems in marriages are so tough to handle that they may threaten your bond. When most marriages experience these problems, it can mean the begging of the end of the marriage.

If you want to protect your marriage from such issues, you first have to be aware of them so that you can avoid them or know how to handle them without thinking of divorce when they arise. To keep you ahead of the game and save your marriage, here are some of the most common marital problems that may lead to divorce if you don’t handle them rightly.

Disrespecting boundaries

marital problems
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It’s common for people to imagine their ideal partner and how they want them to be. In most cases, this can make you try to change your partner, whether their personality, religion, fashion, or their personal beliefs. Doing this is overstepping on their boundaries and can lead to problems that can be hard to solve.

When your partner feels like you are invading their personal space and disrespecting their beliefs, trying to instill in them your own beliefs, they can get angry. 

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Disrespecting your partner’s boundaries is usually a calculated move with a mission in your mind. It can expose your personality for having disrespect to personal boundaries. The attacked spouse will likely retaliate, making it hard to communicate in your marriage properly.

Always know where the line is drawn and never cross it when you feel about to overstep.

Poor communication

Marital problems

Most relationships are formed under proper communication that promotes understanding between couples. Proper communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, requires a response. If you have proper communication in your relationship, you will understand each other and increase the connection between yourselves. You will also share ideas freely and solve issues correctly when they arise.

Without proper communication, the couple can easily fall into ineffective communication, usually characterized by speaking at each other. If you don’t deal with poor communication in your marriage, serious problems will arise in times of argument as you will find yourselves crossing the boundaries of what can be said to your partner even when in arguments.

Learn to communicate with each other to help you solve any arising issues. 

Taking issues to the bedroom

marriage problems

The bedroom, for any married couple, should always bring intimate feelings to your marital life. Your sexual life is what keeps the relationship fulfilling and exciting. While many people think that sex is a minor consideration in marriages, it is actually one of the main pillars of marriage. 

But people don’t just know it yet. They are taking issues and arguments to the bedroom. Arguments in the bedroom cause an emotional detachment that may deny couples physical intimacy.

Shifting focus after marriage

This has been a common problem for many marriages and has even led to divorce. Just after marriage, it may be possible to lose focus on what your marriage plans  are. 

After getting married, your mind will probably be shifted to focussing on other things that interest you such as career, children, social media activities, and things like hobbies.

When this happens, it’s likely for couples to start feeling like roommates than being lovers. 

As a good partner, it is your responsibility to know the difference between having a personal space and being attentive. It is, however, acceptable for spouses to have different values, provided they have time to create their schedule and fit in quality free time with their partners.

If you are the one who just realized your partner had shifted their focus after marriage, you should try and understand they are doing it to be better people by pursuing new life challenges. Do not take it personally but try and support them as they work toward their success.


marital problems

Infidelity has been one of the hotly discussed topics in marriage and relationships. Once partners get married, they sometimes get emotionally disconnected from each other. When there’s an emotional disconnection, the sexual life of a relationship becomes the first victim to feel the effects. As a result, the emotionally disconnected partner tries to look for greener pastures to fulfill their needs.

But there are always ways to prevent cheating in your marriage. First, as married individuals, you need to determine what counts as cheating. While some relationships and marriages don’t consider emotional cheating as cheating, others do. You need to make everything clear and know what boundaries to keep.

Financial Disputes

When things are going well in your marriage that you bond with each other extremely well, you can make some decisions that although are a great way to show that you trust each other, can be hard to solve when issues arise. Such moves include having a common bank account for your finances. It’s also not just about the couples that keep their finances in one pot. Financial disputes also arise with couples who have different bank accounts. So it’s a huge marital problem that can be hard to solve and even take the matter to courtrooms.

If you both have different spending habits, for instance, you like spending and your partner loves saving, you will often have a tense and stressful discussion that may take the dispute to be settled in courtrooms.

Always ensure you are on the same page about your finances and create a financial plan that you should both adhere to. By doing this, you avoid unnecessary disagreements in your marriage.

The children puzzle

Children are also a potential source of marital problems. While they keep the parents joyful and proud, they also have the ability to add more stress to marital life. Taking care of children requires more responsibilities and effort from both parents. 

Children also reduce the time for young couples to bond together. Therefore, it is always important to discuss how you can share different responsibilities with your partner before introducing them in your marital life.


Even happy relationships face some of these marital problems. However, there are always ways to address them and save your marriage from divorce in case they arise.  

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