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6 Tips To Catch A Cheater On Facebook

cheater on facebook

Is your partner constantly scrolling on Facebook? Have you checked their Facebook friends list recently and noticed that its blocked? All it takes is a few clues and hints that your partner is looking elsewhere for a romantic connection. If you are concerned your partner is a cheater on Facebook its time to look deeper into the situation. Lets catch a cheater or find out they are faithful.

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1.Hiding their Facebook friends list

If they had their Facebook friends list previously unblocked and now it’s private and blocked from other people viewing it they could be hiding someone. Is there no real reason for the privacy? A new job may require private settings for security reasons or if you both openly talked about being more private online that would make sense. Randomly changing the settings to private could be to block you out from viewing all the new “friends” they have added. Adding all these new friends is an attempt to find one who is open to meeting with them.

2.React nervously when you touch their phone

Its not as common for anyone to use their computer for Facebook scrolling. Pass them there phone and see if they are tense with watchful eyes. Ask to call your mother or to use their phone to order take out, telling them your phone is dead. If they get tense or say they will call for you they could be polite or attempting to control the situation. You could be direct, tell them you are having an insecure day and would like to check their Facebook messenger app. If they react defensive creating excuses like talking about personal privacy, well what do they have to be private about? Be ready to share with them your phone as well.

3.Multiple Facebook Accounts

Having another Facebook account is an opportunity for a cheater on Facebook to receive incoming messages with no notifications, that way when you are together they don’t have to hide their phone. The Facebook account can be logged out, so when they are alone they can login and respond to messages. They could also have photos and friends on that account they wouldn’t want you to know about. If you find someone they have been messaging with on that account, but there is not hard cheating facts you could run a background check on that person to find out more information. Basically another Facebook account is a red flag.

4.Create a fake Facebook account yourself

Create a Facebook account yourself. Find a profile from someone in a different country, someone good looking but not a model. Copy and post their photos and create fake posts over a 2 week period, or a month if your serious. Add random friends that are local to your state. Then add your partner and see if they respond and add you back. If they do, wait a day and then start a conversation. Be polite, don’t ask a lot of questions but compliment them and be a little flirty. After a week ask them to meet up for coffee and see what happens. If the meeting happens, show up yourself 5 minutes late and ask them what they are doing there.

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5.Hack their phone

A lot easier then it sounds. There are different spy phone apps you can purchase that make it very easy to use. These apps can give you access to everyone they have been chatting with. Messages shared and even track down the minute details of someone you may be concerned they are talking with.

6. Facebook Search Bar

If you do happen to get on their phone when they are not looking. Open their Facebook account and check the search bar. It will give you a list of all the names they have searched. Maybe some friends or family members but if there are names you do not know you will want to check there accounts and if there has been any interactions. If their Facebook search bar is empty, then they deleted names they have searched and that should create suspicions of what they are hiding and why.

A cheater on Facebook will be using Facebook and other methods of infidelity. Studies show that excessive use of online social media is contributing to infidelity and divorce. If your partner is glued to their phone and you have a gut feeling telling you something is wrong then action is necessary. Start with communication and asking if the relationship is going well. If they wont open up with you, its time to start digging.

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