How To Safely Introduce Your Partner Into Swinging

Have you tried introducing your partner into swinging and it backfired on you? After the effort they made you feel embarrassed for even bringing it up. You love your partner and never want to be a cheater but you feel like you want to explore your sexuality and it might even spice up your sex life. How do you introduce your partner into swinging without jeopardizing your relationship? We have the resources and the appropriate advice to keep your relationship strong and your sex life vibrant.

1.Build A Foundation

If you are looking to introduce you and your partner into swinging, you will both need to feel strong in the relationship. This will be a mix of trusting what your partner tells you is the truth and knowing that neither of you wants to be with anyone else. This foundation is that base, that will not faultier when you see your partner being intimate with someone else and the same occurs when they watch you with someone.

2.Self Security

Self-esteem and ego will need to be reviewed before you’re going to attempt to bring your partner into swinging. Not by what you think your partner thinks of you but what you think and how you feel about yourself. If you have self-esteem issues, where you are constantly judging yourself next to other people this could bring up issues. You wouldn’t want to become insecure when swinging and measuring body parts with someone else, not only could this deeply hurt your own heart but if you did start swinging the consequences could hurt your relationship. A partner never wants to be asked “Was it better than with me?” “Who did what better?”.


Sometimes being overly honest can create a rocky road in a relationship. However, being brutally honest can also ensure your partner that when you say something, its true and you really mean it. If you are going to attempt to bring your partner into swinging and you tell them you are happy, you love them but want to just express your sexuality then they will believe you. Being honest about your feelings can help disarm any fears around swinging. Honesty will help prepare the road of swinging to be smoother, there will, of course, be some lengthy conversation about both of your feelings but in the end, neither of you will question the motives or integrity of the other.

4.Its Not A Question, Its A Desire

Don’t just flat out ask your partner, “Hey swinging seems fun, let’s try it”. If you attempt this way, it can quickly bring up all your partner’s fears, insecurities and a lot of questions, this angle will not bring a gentle response. What you want to do is start talking about feelings and desires. Let your partner know how you feel in the relationship, either things are great or they are okay but you feel like you have this desire to explore sexuality in a different way. You want to include your partner into swinging because you need them and want them to be in it with you and why you think it could benefit both of you.

6.Learn From Someone Who Does It

This may seem obvious, but people often forget that they probably know a couple that is already into swinging. If you do, ask them how they got started. If they had any difficulties and if so what they did to move through them. You may also want to consider buying books or researching the statistics on swinging which can help bring up the pros and cons, so when you bring it up to your partner you know the facts, as knowing the data and how well couples stay together while still swinging can help show your partner the safety. A proven method would be the book “The 4 steps that can turn any man or woman into a sexual dynamo”

7.Swingers Are Not Cheaters

A big controversy with some people is that they think swingers are cheaters. Your partner may have this belief, what needs to be communicated is that you are not looking to get something outside of the relationship but instead you are looking to bring something into the relationship. This change in perspective shows both of you that you want to build on the current relationship and not feel like you need to seek sex outside of the relationship. The feeling of continually building a healthy and happy relationship together will keep a bond so strong that swinging will just be something you do together no different than the excitement of date nights with just the two of you.

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