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Does True Love Exist?

does true love exist?

The soap operas often reflect a perfect love that overcomes all barriers. The couples go through thick and thin but still stick together for better or for worse. But does the happily ever after happen beyond the screens? Does true love exist?

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In the past, loving someone unconditionally was common. However, today, such a kind of love is hard to spot. 

True love means loving someone unconditionally, accepting them how they are, and sticking together despite any issue that comes your way. Well, it’s only fair to question the existence of such a relationship when a couple married for over 20 years can wake up one morning and divorce each other, the latest drama happening with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Such stories make us question the existence of true love. Maybe it does not exist at all. This confusion becomes more intense when you’re in a “perfect” relationship and wondering whether you have found your true love. 

Perhaps you’re thinking about telling your partner how deeply you are in love with them. Or maybe they just told you, and you’re not sure what they really mean. 

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Either way, there’s only one way to find out the truth and understand whether true love is just a beautiful story that everyone tells or is real.

Indicators of true love

If you spot the majority of all of these indicators in your relationship, then you may be closer to true love than you think.

True love is never jealous or possessive.

does true love exist?
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True love is about putting your partner before you. That’s how selfless true love can be. The selfless aspect happens naturally without struggling to make a decision. 

Real love does not exist where another partner is possessive, jealous, or selfish. Real love is about freedom. A loving partner will not force you to leave your friends for them. They will not force you to change how you look, try to convince you to move jobs, or restrict you from visiting your family. That is not love. It’s just insecurities that are dangerous for any party in the relationship. 

True love is accepting your partner for who and what they are

does true love exist

True love does not seek to change a partner but accepts them the way they are. Whether it’s their appearance or their dressing code, true love accepts what someone is. 

Although there is nothing wrong with looking nice and smart for your partner, it should not come out of pressure. If your partner is trying to control how you look and what you do to impress them, they are selfish.

A partner who accepts who you are, and recognizes your worth, understand that you are a unique individual. Such a partner understands that both of you have a right to have your own opinions and thoughts in your relationship. 

Actions, not words

does true love exist

Although love can be about what you say, words are always cheap. A partner that goes a mile ahead and shows how much they love you by actions shows true love. We have all been with that partner who makes promises but never fulfills them. When you need them to show up, they never do and constantly fail you even after planning. Such people say one thing and do the other. 

Love is always built. It requires effort and time to get better and strong every day. And actions are the cement in this story. Actions create a long-lasting relationship between couples. From putting your partner’s needs before you and having them as a priority to romantic gestures, you can keep your love burning for years without getting tired. 

Love can involve actions like surprise weekend romantic dinners, trips, and spending time together. But equally, even the smallest of gestures can prove vital. Sending messages during a busy day to check how your partner is doing, making random calls, or helping them with chores are some of the smallest gestures that will always be appreciated.

True love expresses itself in different ways.

To date, there is no one true definition of real love. This is because it manifests itself in different ways. Love has been defined in five different love languages. Other people have different ways of expressing their love through these love languages:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Acts of affection
  • Giving and receiving gifts
  • Spending quality time together
  • Touch

While your love language can be any of these, your partner’s love language can be the other. So, understanding how real love manifests itself in your partner can make it easy for you to love them.

Maybe true love does not exist.

It’s been hard to spot a perfect love nowadays. Unless you’re sitting on your couch, watching romantic movies that have been scripted. But what has made it so difficult? Here are some reasons why true love may not be in existence.

Unwillingness to make compromises

Any relationship survives due to the willingness of partners to make compromises. However, since this does not exist anymore, with pride taking over, endless arguments and fights have become the center stage and the leading cause of breakups. 

Attachment to materialistic things

People no longer care more for their partners than their material possessions. They prefer scrolling on social media and play video games all night instead of being there for their partners. If your love language is quality time with your partner, then you will have issues surviving in such relationships because you’re not a priority to them.

Casual Hookups on the rise

The introduction of online dating has undoubtedly messed up most relationships. With most platforms offering security to their users, people can easily cheat on their partners with much ease without getting caught. 

Avoiding taking responsibilities

Responsibilities and commitments accompany love and relationships. This has been hard for most people as they avoid taking responsibilities and still want to have the adventure before settling down. However, love is not about avoiding responsibilities after getting into them. It demands maturity and someone that is ready to take full responsibilities for any issue arising.

Thinking that true love must be perfect

Just a minor argument and your partner starts to regret why they even chose you over others. This may even mean that they are regretting having you. The current generation is obsessed with perfection when they don’t even understand what it really takes to get there. There will be no perfect individual for you. You will meet a loving partner with their flaws, and it can still be true love.


If you’re wondering whether true love exists, the answer is yes. However, it takes much effort and commitment to find it. The earlier you understand that true love is not perfection, the better you will overcome all the obstacles you will face with your loved one on your way to realizing they are the one.

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