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10 Signs Your Partner Wants A Divorce

While there are several indications your partner can give you when they are ready to leave you, most of us tend to assume these signs and trust that everything is okay in our marriage. If this is you, however much you will fight to stay in the marriage, a partner who has made up their mind will still find a way to divorce you. Why wait until then? You can avoid getting hurt and even turn things around by taking the initiative and end things by yourself. 

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Knowing the signs that your partner wants a divorce will help you stay ahead of them and avoid getting hurt. When you see these signs, you should never ignore them. They may indicate that your partner wants a divorce.

They stop arguing with you.

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If your partner has been screaming at you while arguing for years and suddenly they stop, you have no reasons to celebrate the “peaceful arguments” that have been happening recently. Their silence may mean they are tired of everything. Their silence may mean they have made up their mind and are just about to break the news to you. 

They spend more time with their friends or family

You are the primary friend and comforter to your partner. When you have been living as best friends and go-to person when they need some advice, but you notice your partner choosing friends or family over you, then they have just shifted their goals posts. Find out what made them angry that they no longer want to spend time with you anymore.

They don’t make plans.

Every couple has future goals that they set together and works to achieve them. If your partner is reluctant about setting long-term goals with you, they don’t want to have long-term investments and savings with you, then this is a red sign that should never be ignored. There is always a reason that makes them reluctant about making such plans with you. In most cases, they just don’t see a future with you and are considering leaving you. 

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If your partner is reluctant about upgrading your home, having a child, or making large purchases such as a home, then you should be warned.

They are having an emotional affair.

Never ignore the signs of emotional affair when you notice them with your partner. If there’s another person you believe they can get intimate with, not necessarily sexually, then your marriage may be in trouble. Your partner may use this opportunity to get what they think they lack in your marriage. 

Your partner may be loving you but may not be in love with you. This means they can leave you sooner than you think. 

You’re always blamed.

partner wants a divorce

No one is perfect. You can make some mistakes once in a while. But when your partner starts finding faults in everything you do, they are not just impressed with you, and maybe they have fallen out of love with you. When they make you feel you’re always the one on the wrong side, then they are working as hard as possible to push you far away from them before they initiate a divorce. Making you feel guilty is justifying their decision to leave you and force them to believe that they are doing the right thing.

They get emotionally cold.

If your partner gets emotionally cold and no longer cares how you feel for a very long period, they may be on their way out. For instance, out of the blue, they mention comments about another person being sexy, humiliating you in public, and when with your friends, they no longer care about you. This message is always apparent, and you should always get it in their first attempt. 

They don’t want to discuss issues in the marriage.

Sometimes you may have noticed the strange signs and how your partner has suddenly changed and want to make things right in your marriage. If they are well aware that your marriage is in trouble and yet refuse to have an open discussion on how you will make things right in your marriage, they probably want to leave the marriage. In most cases, such partners know they are causing the trouble for obvious reasons and will not want to discuss anything that will make things work out again.

No interest in sex

It’s even more serious when your partner has no interest in having sex while in marriage. Sometimes it’s common to for days and even weeks without having sex with your partner. But if the days have turned to months, then something is not right. Conjugal rights in marriage should never be denied to any partner. Forget about the fatigue and works stress, no person can keep on turning down sex in their marriage when their partner offers them. If they do this for long, then probably they are getting it somewhere else. 

When you rule out physical problems that may be the cause, then something is up, and you should find out why.

They are moving their finances around.

If your partner opens a new bank account and moves their money to the new account in secrecy, then they are planning to leave soon. Always stay awake and informed about your financial situation and know how your joint accounts are and whether you can access them. 

They threaten to leave.

At times of arguments, it can get heated that both of you say awful things. It’s common, to everyone, to every human. We say things that we live to regret. But it’s actual;y what has been in our minds, reflecting our thoughts.

If your husband keeps on threatening to divorce you, over and over when you have arguments, then it’s what they have been thinking. They actually mean it and want to leave. Don’t take it lightly, and don’t be surprised when they eventually leave you. 

Even when it’s just a joke, especially when with friends, never ignore this sign. 

If you have noticed these warning signs that show your partner wants a divorce, you should do something immediately to either save your marriage or your time from a marriage that will not work out.

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