Who Are They Cheating On You With? – Top 8 Risky People

If you are concerned about infidelity in your relationship, it will help if you consider this; who is your spouse cheating on you with? Narrowing the list down can help you find out if it’s actually happening and who it is happening with. If you need to confront your partner about infidelity, it is necessary to have all the facts together. If you have hard facts, they will be more likely to confess and tell the truth. We have compiled a list of people your partner could be cheating on you with and see if the dots connect together.

1.People Of Authority

The typical stereotype is that women are naturally attracted to power and men to beauty. However, it’s been studied that both men and women are both attracted to power. A semi-attractive person that also some form of power and authority will be a lot more attractive. You know the type of person your partner would be attracted to. Now put that look onto someone who also has authority and power, that’s the type of person your partner could be cheating on you with. If there are one too many doctor’s appointments or unnecessary appointments to the local chiropractor for “maintenance” you might want to consider going with your partner next time. Ask to book an appointment at the same time and you might catch them flirting or body language that speaks loudly.

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2.A long time acquaintance

We all know the person we are talking about here. They have claimed since the day you met “they are just friends” with this person. But over time you hear stories about how an ex was jealous of their friendship with this person. A long time acquaintance of your partner is one of the sneakiest scenarios. It’s very hard to identify because it may seem very normal and natural on the surface. While it is okay for them to have close friends and acquaintances, you have to define boundaries on how close is to close. If they start staying the night at their place or constantly texting them late into the night, this may be one of the people your spouse is cheating on you with.

3.An Ex

There is always one. One ex that your partner can’t say a bad thing about and may still be just a little heartbroken about. It is natural to have mild concerns about your partner’s exes but the thought of them wanting to be with this person should leave your mind as quickly as it came. If the thought stays burning in your mind, tune in, you may be on to something. Its called a breakup because it is broken but it doesn’t mean it can’t be put back together. Minimal communication with an ex for a good reason might be something you have to let slide but if they are getting to close for comfort or expressing deep emotion towards this person, there is a chance they may still be intimate with them. Use the spy phone lookup to take a peek at the context of their text messages to get some clarity into what is really going on.

4.Co Worker

Coworkers have affairs, flings and go on dates casually all the time. This hidden world behind closed doors is a mess and usually, the real dirt that happens at work stays at work but the gossip is shared during pillow talk. Do you remember your partner talking about anyone previously cheating in the workplace? Couples breaking up? A recent breakup at work might leave someone looking for a quick attention grab. Does your partner stay late at work on the same day of the week? If they do, randomly drop in with some coffee or snacks as a surprise and hopefully, they are not with the person you think they could be cheating on you with.

5.Stranger (at a bar)

We all like to go out with friends and have fun from time to time but we know the bar can be a recipe for disaster. Drinks are flowing, music is pumping and your partner is on the prowl. When alcohol is involved, judgement can become severely impaired. If your partner is headed for a night out with friends perhaps give them a quick facetime call when you know they are back from the bar, if they adamantly deny your request, you know there could be something up. The next day check their phone contact list, sometimes a one night stand will leave their number hidden as a different contact name. Another great option here is to check the gallery on their phone for suspicious photos or a new face in all their photos. Don’t forget there is a secret gallery folder on their phone. (click here) for instructions on how to find hidden content.

6.Neighborhood Crush

Do you have that one person in the neighbourhood that gives you a pang of jealousy every time you see them? Maybe they are just a bit handier, slightly better at yoga or cook like Martha Stewart. Chances are if you are noticing them as competition your spouse may notice them as an opportunity. If there is a void in your relationship they may look to this person to fill it. While this is no excuse, it happens all too often. With the neighbourhood crush, the risk is particularly high due to convenience. If your partner wants to get to know this person, it’s a quick jaunt across the street while you run out for groceries. Seemingly harmless to start but once this turns into late-night Rendevous while your working late you have a problem on your hands. Check out your partner’s body language when the neighbourhood hottie is around, it will help you determine if this could be the person they are cheating on you with.

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7.Online Lover

If your partner was ever to consider cheating, they will first attempt to keep the cheating secret. Its easier to keep secret if they are able to find someone that is outside of your friend circle and someone that you wouldn’t know. Social media cheating has become far easier and more frequent than ever before. Cheating on you with an online lover can leave a trail of late-night text messaging, along with attempts to hide cell phone and laptop content. Have they recently began locking their phone? Not opening their messages in front of you? If you notice these new behaviours it is a concern and should be talked about.

8.A Friends Spouse

You might not think they could be cheating on you with a friend’s spouse but this happens all too often. When people see how green the grass is in a different relationship they begin to fantasize about what it would be like to have that and forget that the grass is not any greener on the other side of the fence. That other perfect looking relationship still has its ups and downs and takes just as much work as any other. If your partner has talked highly about your friend’s spouse, notice they are flirting, or gentle yet “friendly” shoulder touches, lookout. If your partner is frequently encouraging that you both go over and especially if your friend’s spouse calls them to come over and help fix something or hire them for a job, its time to start asking questions.

-If you suspect they are cheating on you with any of these people, you need to gather facts and find out for sure if it’s happening. The first step is to simply ask your partner if they are attracted to or fantasize about any of these people. It is normal to find someone other than yourself attractive, but attracted to and fantasizing could be concerning. Ask if anything needs to be worked on in your relationship, sometimes bringing up an awareness of your partners wants and needs will keep them more focused on you and not someone else.

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