How Cheaters Avoid Being Caught

Cheaters avoid being caught for various reasons, how they avoid being caught varies if they are in a long term relationship, or if they are casually dating. On new dates, they might use words like “looking for the right person”, “I don’t sleep around”, “I have a unique connection with you” with the intent of having quick intimacy for a few weeks and then they disappear. In long term relationships and if they don’t want to get caught for financial reasons, or because children are involved they will have different signs and expressions. Let’s look at the Serial Daters and the long term relationship cheaters.

Long Term Relationship Cheater

Passwords On Phones

It’s normal to have a password on your phone, to protect the phone by being open by a stranger if you lost it or someone in public quickly trying to hack your private information. In a long term relationship, you should have access to the password and be able to open your partner’s phone at any time. If you do and the password changes once, that might be normal. If the password is changed often, and you keep having to ask for a new password, they might be trying to hide information from you. If you really need to know what’s on the phone, using a spy phone app will give you a lot of information.

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Friend’s Will Cover For Them

Your partner’s best friends are not your best friend, they will usually cover for your partner before they confess any type of cheating or concerns. If your partner’s friends are in a relationship try befriending their spouse, it’s a good way to find out about the evening pillow talk. Usually, there will be some common ground and they will feel like dropping some hints to you. Cheaters avoid being caught by having their best friends know the dirt so they can keep the same lies, but their friend’s partner will not usually be on the same page and you can catch any lies on the spot.

Late At Work

One of the easiest excuses to use, because it can seem so valid. If they are not usually staying late at work, making it very irregular in their habits then they just might be cheating on you. Cheaters avoid being caught late at work by creating deadline excuses, “the boss asked me to stay late” and taking a salary raise. If this is the case, drop by their office unannounced and bring a coffee or late snack, this could show you if they are actually working or not.

Always Changing The Subject

Cheaters avoid being caught by changing the subject when they are asked about a friend they might be attracted to. If they have a friend you think they could be cheating on you with, ask them how their friend is doing? If they have any hangouts coming up that maybe you could tag along because you think that friend is fun to be around. Innocent requests that like do not require avoidance or subject changes, see if they are engaged in the conversation. Any redirects or quickly dismissing the hangout by saying that person is too busy could be a red flag.

Serial Dating Cheater

Fake Commitment

This type of cheater does not seem like a cheater, and they may not actually be cheating on you, yet. Even though they seem to be very interested in you they will still be lining up their next date. If you met them on an online dating platform, check if their profile is still active. Ask them at what point in dating you would they delete it and if the answer is vague or they are not sure you might want to wonder about their commitment issues.

Social Media

Dating someone new? Whether you met them on an online dating app or in-person ask them if you can add them to Facebook or Instagram. This is a good way to bring up how open they are to having you into the rest of their life. Social Media is a great way to see if you have mutual friends and if you do, be sure to ask the mutual friend what they know about the new date and maybe you can pick up some of the unknown personality traits.

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Random Schedule Changes

If you and your new date have been going out every Friday but now there is a hobby in place of that, they might be going on a date with someone else. Perhaps a hockey game came up they were invited to, ask if you can come to watch? When they are done whatever activity they did in place of visiting with you, ask how it went. Remember the answer, then a week or so later ask them a question about that and see if they have the same answer. If you catch them in a lie you might just be dating a serial dater.

Seemingly Harmless Lies

Serial cheaters avoid being caught by creating lies that will hide small parts of their identity or make themselves seem more attractive. These lies are often brought to you ahead of time before they actually use them. They might start telling you that their workload at the office will probably increase because of layoffs or a new project that just started. This of course is the groundwork for a future lie when they are with someone else but tell you they are stuck at work. Unfortunately, these cheaters avoid being caught by looking at your right in the eye while they tell the false story, so they don’t give away any bad body language.

-Both types of cheaters will be very sneaky, driven off impulses and manipulative. If you think you might be with a cheater lookout for any signs of negative impulses and manipulations. Sometimes small amounts of trickery inside of a relationship could mean there are larger tricks outside the relationship. Before confronting your partner about cheating, make sure you have some valid facts and assess who they might be cheating on you with. Then when you ask if they are cheating on you, you are basing the question on facts and not just assumptions.

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