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10 Sleazy Secrets of Social Media Cheating

Social Media Cheating

Where do you draw the line on what is cheating? With so many apps and websites to connect with other people, there are many ways to flirt and show interest in a potential cheating mate. Is a crush on a social media profile worth concern? Maybe it is, maybe not. Open communication with your partner early in a relationship on what is acceptable and what is not can help. Here are some tips if you are already in the mix and need to learn about social media cheating.

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1. Multiple Social Media Accounts

Did you know it’s very easy to have multiple accounts on any social media platform? Having a business account and a personal account is not what we mean. If your partner has a random account, they do not post in often, this could be a way they communicate with another lover. They could also be using another account to find someone to engage with. This could be a sign of Social Media Cheating! They may also use an email account as well, use a reverse email lookup if you find an email you are concerned about.

2. Apps With Hidden Texts Messages

Phones can hold so many apps, some of them are texting apps you may not know about. Some people have mistakenly found evidence of cheating text messages inside of an app they did not even know was a texting app. They were just playing with their partner’s phone and stumbled onto the truth. It’s impossible to know what all the secret texting apps are. If you are really concerned try using a spy phone app.

3. The Same Name Likes every post

If you keep seeing the same name pop up on your partner’s posts and if you do not know who they are, it is likely someone is very interested in them. It would be important to respectively approach your partner and ask about this person, who they are and how they know each other. This would open the door to let your companion know that you are aware of all the extra social media attention that has been shared. This would also encourage your partner to lessen the contact with this person.

4. Who’s Behind The Profile Picture

You can tell by someone’s profile photo if they are promiscuous, take a look at your partner’s posts and who responds to them. If it’s a common theme that they have promiscuous people commenting or sending hearts to their posts, this is a cause for curiosity. They may not be actually cheating, but its unwanted attention and I wonder if they are returning the attention to the same promiscuous person.

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5. Social Media Affair

Depending on your definition, this may not actually be cheating, but it can lead to it. A social media affair is any type of comments, messages, emoji’s or “likes” that keep going back and forth. If your partner and someone else is constantly liking every post back and forth, sending heart, winks, or other romantic emoji’s this is something to bring up with your partner. Facebook messaging with an ex, replying in snap chat videos with someone they find attractive, this is all a no-no and can lead to them actually meeting up.

6. Connecting With People You Do Not Know

If your partner is engaging with someone you do not know on social media, it could be a sign of social media cheating. If they have open chats, and it seems secretive, it would be a good idea to communicate with your partner and ask who they are and how they know each other. If they happen to be an ex, that would be cause for concern and the relationship needs a serious discussion.

7. Renaming Contacts In The Phone

This one is not specific to social media, but it sure is a sleazy secret. If you are really concerned about your partner cheating, next time they are in the shower take a quick scroll through their phone contacts. If there are any contacts on the phone that have just a single letter to it, a weird name you have never seen before, like “Brian” and you know neither of you knows a Brian. Click dial and see what happens. “Oops, I used your phone to call my mom and pushed a button by mistake”

8. Emotional Intimacy

You may or may not consider this cheating, but it has been known to happen. Connecting emotionally with someone else online happens more than we realize. They may be complaining about the relationship, venting about work, or communicating a want or need that they are not currently having fulfilled. An emotional connection online is a spark for something meaningful that should be shared within the context of your personal relationship. If your partner is emotionally connecting with someone else and the conversation seems flirtatious, this could be a serious sign of social media cheating.

9. Deleting Search History

If you look into the “recently searched” section on any of the regular apps such as Facebook or Instagram, you will be able to see exactly the names of who your partner was searching for. There should be a few names in there because at some point in time they could have wanted to look up someone such as a friend or family member. However if its empty, its a good chance they were looking up a crush or someone they shouldn’t be and they deleted the evidence afterward. If they have an empty search section, that could be a sign of Social Media Cheating.

10. Secret Apps you did not know were for cheating

Social Media cheating can be done in various ways, from using apps that we all know about like Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram too using apps you wouldn’t think would be private apps. Here is a list of apps to be aware of.

CoverMe – text messages can be wiped or recalled from a distance and can be set to self-destruct.

TigerText – Released after the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, TigerText messages can be deleted from both the sender’s and the receiver’s phones after a timed expiration.

Silent Text – secure texting app Silent Text comes with an erase notice and a timed message life

Facebook – Has a private messenger option in the messenger box. Watch for multiple accounts

Instagram – Watch for multiple accounts, also has private chat.

Snapchat – Watch for little hearts beside contacts names, if there is a heart they have been talking a lot. Pictures and videos can be sent and automatically deleted for discrete sharing.

Whatsapp – Encrypted texting, that also has private texting features.

Microcheating may not actually be cheating for some but there is the potential that it will lead to more. If you are okay with your partner being flirty on social media, that would need to be something communicated early in the relationship and revisited casually throughout the years as our views and beliefs change often. A lot of Social Media Cheating is also called Microcheating. It is a personal preference whether this crosses the line in your relationship.

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