Top 7 Personality Traits of Cheaters You Need To Know

There is no one way to tell if someone is a cheater or not, yet there are various personality traits of cheaters that can be noticed if you pay attention. Noticing the varying personality traits and seeing if they match your date or partner is very important if you want to know the quality of the person you are with. If any of these traits stand out to you because you have seen them in your partner, its time to start digging a little deeper.

1. Narcissistic Tendencies

A real narcissist is not someone who is just mildly selfish and sometimes forgets about the needs of other people. A real narcissist almost never thinks about other people, its always about themselves and everyone else is just along for the ride. A study published in 2014 suggested that one of the main personality traits of cheaters is narcissism. They showed that narcissists to have lower sexual empathy, they exaggerated their own sense of sexual ability and that they thought they were sexually entitled to anyone they want. These types of people were a lot more likely to cheat.

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2. Separate Social Life

Living life with your partner where its okay to go out on your own and hang out with friends is very healthy. It is even encouraged to have some friend time where it’s just you and your friends, it shows safety and security in the relationship when you can trust your partner to do that. On the other hand, a personality trait of cheaters is to have a totally separate social life. This means that you don’t really know who the friends are that they hang out with, they keep it a total secret without making it look like its a secret that way you don’t know what happens when they are out.

3. Fear Emotional Intimacy

Have you ever been with someone that you had a good short term relationship with? It would have only been about 3 to 6 months long and then out of nowhere your partner decided to cheat and you never knew why. Fearing emotional intimacy is a very common personality trait among cheaters, they cheat as a way to self-sabotage a great relationship because as soon as the emotions began to get deeper the fear increases just as much as the emotional connection does and it scares the happiness right out of them. If you hear your partner talk about being scared of emotional intimacy, this could be a red flag.

4. Impulsiveness

There are some people that are more driven by impulses than others, it’s known specifically that anyone with a head injury, A.D.H.D or B.P.D is more likely to make decisions based on impulses and not fulling thinking things through. This doesn’t mean that people with these conditions are immediately cheaters but oftentimes cheating is based on impulses that were driven by an opportunity. The opportunity to cheat was presented, then the cheater was basing their decision on the impulse to have sex and not considering the repercussions. Impulsiveness is one of the personality traits of cheaters that would also be presented with one of the other traits, it’s not solely on its own.


Grandiose narcissists are a subtype of narcissist that is important to note, this type of person will assert power and control whenever they feel threatened by someone engaging in possible emotional infidelity. It may not even be real emotional infidelity but even if you are connecting with a close friend and your partner knows that you help each other through emotions. A grandiose narcissist will assert dominance and attempt to break up your friendship. This type of narcissists is also highly linked to infidelity as a way to assert and fulfill their own emotional needs.

6. Lonely

Feeling lonely is another one of the common personality traits of cheaters, watch out if they don’t have a good circle of friends or a family they feel connected with. Many psychologists have been noted saying that a person in a relationship who feels lonely will seek another sexual partner just to feel as though they have another friend. If your partner seems like they feel alone even while they are with you watch out, they might start looking for someone to fill that lonely feeling. The truth in this is that there is nothing you can do to fill their loneliness, it’s an issue that they must deal with on their own.

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7. Long Ring Finger

This may be a physical trait but because having a long ring finger is backed by hormones and the way people think we have it listed here. Having a long ring finger is scientifically linked to having increased testosterone. A British study showed evidence that men with a longer ring finger are more likely to cheat on their partner that men with a smaller ring finger. This might be due to the increase in testosterone and how that will affect a persons personality and specifically their sex drive. 

-Cheating happens for a lot of different reasons and there are even more personality traits of cheaters then what was listed above. Each of these traits varies from person to person based on how they were raised and the circumstances they experienced in their own lives. Each of these traits has been documented by researchers and experts have found that people with these traits are more likely to be cheaters.

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