6 Signs Your Wife Is A Cheater

We all know men and women cheat, the 6 signs showing your wife is a cheater will look different than if it was a man. In the past studies showed that women did not cheat nearly as much as men. Now the data is different, we are seeing that women cheat almost as much as men. It is recently hypothesized that women will speak up about their infidelity because they feel safer to talk about it in a professional environment. They also have more power and control in relationships and the workplace than they used to. A good wife will still cheat for various reasons, luckily enough we now have enough data to see the trends.

1. Recently Unavailable

Often in relationships, it’s easy to call or text your partner and receive a returned phone call or text right back. If you don’t hear back right away it does not mean your wife is a cheater. Maybe she’s in the middle of something. However, lest say typically you would receive some form of a returned message within a reasonable amount of time, 15 minutes or so and now it has become consistent at the same time every day she is unavailable this might be a concern. If it was at lunchtime every day during work hours try dropping into her work to bring her a surprise and see what she’s up to.

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2. Increased Attention To Appearance

One thing most of us want to do when we are about to leave the house is do our best to look good, it brings us confidence helps us feel more secure throughout our day. If your wife has not been very happy lately and is interested in receive attention from other people she will attempt to look her best, all the time. The odds your wife is a cheater are higher if she is dressing up in a way that catches your attention and then she’s going out in the evening with her girlfriends. If your relationship is on the rocks and you know she’s going to have someone buying her drinks. Its time to take action!

3. Stopped Inviting You Out With Her Friends

She’s dressing up and looking good, going out with her friends and in the past, she would invite you out with her but now she stopped inviting you. Your wife is a cheater, depending on your definition of cheating, if she’s enjoying being hit on and she is flirting back that could be considered cheating. Maybe you both have an agreement that conversation is just conversation, cheating requires actual physical touch. If you are not with her, how do you know how far she is going? Basically, if she stopped inviting you out with her, I wonder why.

4. On Edge All The Time

If she used to be fairly pleasant to be around, and now everything seems edgy, irritable, snappy or defensive this might be a subconscious way of her telling you something is wrong. Most women are quick to open up about their feelings, but if there are any reasons why she wouldn’t want to tell you that shes cheating then maybe she won’t open up about it. She might not want you to know if kids are involved, or if you are in business together and she doesn’t want to jeopardize the company. If you think your wife is a cheater, open up to her about your feelings first, if you take initiative and show vulnerability then maybe she will too.

5. Gets Angry When You Ask What Shes Up To

If your not the type to consistently ask what she did during the day, then all of a sudden you ask what she did today, take note of her response. She might be genuinely interested in why your asking and she will feel loved that you are thinking of her. On the other hand, she might be slightly annoyed or offended. If you randomly ask what she was up to and she responded with anger this could be her way of dealing with the guilt of cheating, this brings out defensiveness. Anger is an emotional response either because they actually did something wrong or they feel accused even though they are innocent.

6. Intimacy Has Changed

This can go two different ways, intimacy can either increase in passion and vitality or become less frequent and she might even seem more bored. It’s well known that women who are cheating will make sex more exciting, engaging and frequent to hide the fact they are sleeping with someone else. Contrary to this, some wives will be less interested in intimacy because they are already having sex with someone else. Any big changes in intimacy can be talked about, simply share your experiences with your partner, whether good or bad it helps build the connection and strengthen your bond.

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– A lot of these signs to figure out if your wife is a cheater or not are based around the type of relationship you had in the past and what it is like now. All relationships are a journey, the roads will twist and turn with changes in how you feel along the ride. The consistency of the relationship will be the vehicle you carry the compassion and patience in. Listen to each other, and if you notice any of these signs your wife is a cheater then open up with her, if she is a cheater the relationship is not over until you get out of the vehicle or decide its time for a tune-up.

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