The 5 Types Of Cheating

The 5 types of cheating are not always linear, one may come before the other but it’s not always in the same order. When someone cheats, they become mentally checked out from the relationship. They may or may not be aware of it but they are seeking something that is missing in the relationship and hoping to find it in someone else. Even if they are habitual cheating, there is an issue that causes the person to not be present in their mind. Cheating is often associated with the physical act, however, there is emotional cheating, micro-cheating, habitual cheating, and digital cheating. Reading this article will help you create your own boundaries and have a better awareness of the cheating paradigm.

1.Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating can create a stronger connection than physical intimacy because the emotions intertangle, shared life values are exchanged and a connection is made mentally and emotionally which can end up physically at some point. This could be a friend, a coworker or a random stranger on the internet. People will emotionally cheat because they feel an emotional need is not being met, this could be meaningful conversations, similar interests in world views, positive words of affirmation or anything that makes your partner feel emotionally connected.

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Micro cheating is one of the types of cheating that is not easy to notice, its usually done in your partner’s normal routine and can lead to emotional cheating. It involves small acts that border the line of what’s honest and what is not. Secret flirting with the same barista at the same coffee shop every day on their way to work would be considered micro-cheating. Going to the gym at the same time each day to check out the same person is another form of micro-cheating. It can seem harmless at first, but its a red flag that there may be some issues in the relationship.

3.Habitual Cheating

One of the more dangerous types of cheating is habitual cheating, these types of cheaters usually have underlying issues with sex addiction, adrenaline thrills, low self-esteem or habitual self-destruction. These cheaters should not be in a monogamous relationship. If you are dating a habitual cheater stop now or do not expect them to stop cheating. They will not stop cheating as its ingrained in their mind and will take years of self-discipline, personal development and therapy. A habitual cheater needs to be single or polyamorous and honest about there sexual habits.

4.Digital Cheating

Most of the types of cheating are done in person, but digital cheating is solely online. Digital cheating is through social media, text messaging and webcams. Assuming this is outside of your boundaries in the relationship, if your partner is conversing with someone intimately through a paid webcam service this would be a type of cheating as well. Digital cheating can also be mixed with emotional cheating and generally is, there is some type of emotional connection through digital cheating when there is a lot of conversation happening. If you think your partner is digital cheating and they are very defensive when you ask, a digital phone app will give you all the resources you need to know the truth.

5.Physical Cheating

Physical cheating is complex on its own because it can range from a hug being held too long, a kiss that was beyond friendly and to the deepest betrayal sexual intercourse. This type of cheating is specific to your own boundaries in the relationship, different cultures kiss on the cheek and it doesn’t mean anything other than friendship. Some people give hugs to all their friends, if either of these is out of your comfort zone it needs to be communicated early in the relationship. Physical cheating is generally a bigger violation in a relationship than the others because the act of physicality is held sacred between two people.

-Each type of cheating has its own difficulties and all relationships take consistent effort, if you communicate openly it will help lessen any burdens or struggles down the road. There will always be bumps in the road, expressing boundaries and expectations early in the relationship and anytime new feelings come up will help keep the road smooth. The types of cheating are all based around your own relationship boundaries, trust your gut, keep your heart open and listen to your partner’s needs and express your own.

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