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Cheating & Infidelity

Top 6 Ways- How To Stop Your Partner From Cheating

Stop Your Partner From Cheating

Today’s world is filled with instant gratification, relationships that are built on what you have instead of appreciating who you and a constant desire for more. To stop your partner from cheating it’s going to take a lot more than good looks, lots of money or charm. Read this article for how to not only stop your partner from cheating but you can expect some important tips on how to have a happy relationship.

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1.Be Their Go To Person

Anything you cannot provide for your partner, they will look for elsewhere. To stop your partner from cheating you will need to think about what it is that you offer to your partner that someone else cannot. If there is anything you know you cannot give your partner then start to work on that. It might be emotional intelligence, money or communication. If you are so good that someone else can not really compete with you then there is nothing else your partner will look for in someone else. Preventing break-ups and infidelity really comes down to fulfilling all of your partner’s needs, it works a lot better than manipulation, fear and guilt.

2. Keep The Excitement Going

Do you remember early on in the relationship when everything was new and you were always excited about what the day would bring? If you have been living a monotonous lifestyle with your partner its time to change it up. Infidelity has been recorded by studies showing that some people cheat just because they were bored in the relationship. Try new hobbies, laugh together about the silly things in life, look into joining an unusual class together such as sound bowl healing or tantra yoga. Wrestle in bed or tickle attack each other. Start a new tv series you have never seen before and then joke and talk about it.

3. Counselling

When most people think of relationship counselling, they usually think something is wrong and this is the way to fix it. While that might be true, it’s actually a great idea to go in before something is wrong. Occasional counselling is a great way to be proactive and stay on top of things before they get heavy and actually cause problems like infidelity. Stop your partner from cheating by having a great referral to a counsellor on hand, this way you can pop in a coulple times a year and talk about things. Encourage your partner to come with you, this way any of the little things can be ironed out quickly and smoothly.

4. Less Opportunity

Avoid your partner cheating with other people by limiting who they could cheat on you with. This does not mean controlling who they spend time with, that could just cause more controversy. However, we are suggesting that it is a good idea to note who your partner does spend time with. If they are travelling with a co-worker, frequently going to late-night parties without you, drinking at night clubs or if you are not involved with their group of friends this would create opportunities for them to cheat without you knowing. If any of those is the case try to be more involved in doing things together, this way they don’t have as much access to alone time.

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5. Be Awesome

The best way to discourage cheating in the relationship is to just have a really good relationship. This means that you are emotionally connected with your partner and every day you are doing your best to keep looking attractive.  Always take steps to up your game in the relationship by finding ways to keep having fun rather than threatening to leave them or becoming critical on everything that they do. Sometimes you have control over whether a fight stops immediately or if you keep trying to prove that you are right. Do you want to be right or be in a relationship? Be awesome to the point your partner has no need to look for someone else.

6. Agreements and Boundaries

Having agreements can change the course of a relationship going bad. Agreements should be laid out in the early stages of the relationship but they can also change, be moulded or start at any point. These agreements are designed to not offend, hurt the feelings of, or annoy your partner. Agreement examples are; not talking about experiences with ex-partners (good or bad), what constitutes as cheating such as flirting or dancing with someone at a party. The author of Wired for love says that  “Everything that is assumed does not really exist”. Set boundaries and agreements so that your partner knows what to expect and you won’t create angst that leaves your partner wanting someone else.

-The best way to stop your partner from cheating is to have a gentle mix of all these subjects. No one way will cover all the basics and if you overdo any of them your partner will think you are being very insecure. People will still cheat in a healthy relationship but only if they hiding that they are not committed or if they have personality flaws that keep them from being monogamous. Its best to date slowly, get to know your partner and take time throughout the relationship periodically checking in with them on their wants and needs. Happy Loving!

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