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How To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating

Tell If Your Partner Is Lying About Cheating

You can tell if your partner is lying about cheating by various cues, most of these signals require attention to detail. Anyone can learn them and by applying the knowledge after simply reading this article. We realize that there are a lot of cheaters out there, and almost all of them are liars to an extent. Usually, the only time they give up on the cheating game is when they are caught or when they realize their game is almost up.

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They would rather tell the truth when they realize you’re about to tell if your partner is lying about cheating then try to extend the infidelity. The reason for the early confession is that they think this gives them the advantage to keep the relationship after being caught. Their confession is better than being caught while still in the lie. Somehow, this is partially correct, especially if you believe them to be sincere. Don’t forget, they are cheating! It’s better for you to get ahead of this horrible game and catch them cheating while they are still in the lie. If you suspect your partner is cheating, here is how you can tell if they are lying about it.

1.Changes In Blinking Patterns

This might sound arbitrary to you but it is backed by science. You can tell if your partner is lying about cheating after you ask them simple questions related to infidelity. Before the lie comes out they will slow down the frequency of blinking, and after they tell the lie they will increase their blinking speed. The decrease in blinking before they lie is because their brain is processing the lie, it requires more attention. The increase in blinking after they lie is because of a stress response, this happens because their brain is thinking “did I get away with the lie?”

It’s a good idea to put this to test with your partner because not everyone responds to lying the same. You can test if this works with your partner by asking them a question that could lead them into a lie, maybe you went to a family event or a party you know they didn’t enjoy but if asked if they had fun they would probably lie and say “Yes it was”. You could also put on an outfit you know they don’t like, ask them if they like it and notice their blinking pattern. If there is a sudden change in blinking, you know it works. Now it’s time for the important question.

2.Excessive Or Random Scratching

This is a quick one, random scratching while in a conversation is like a nervous tick. It’s a response to stress that is autonomic in nature. If you are having a heart to heart with your partner and you’re asking some serious questions, notice if they are scratching their head, shoulder or anywhere on their body during a response to your question. You can test this again when your partner is going out with friends as you know they will be out late. Ask your partner “Are you going to be late?” Then see if they scratch at all during a lie about not being too late.

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3.Changes In Saliva

You can tell if your partner is lying about cheating when you ask them questions about anything related to why you think they might be cheating and see if there are changes in swallowing or a sudden onset of thirst. Saliva changes will present as an over-production which will give make them have deep swallows or gulping. The opposite of that would be an under-production, which would make them more thirst due to having a dry throat or mouth.

3. Ask A Unexpected Question

This is one designed for a repeat liar, yet they have never confessed and your not able to provide all the evidence of their lies. What you are trying to do is catch them by asking a question that is impossible to avoid. If you know that your partner says they are going out with friends, but you know they leave their friend group early and don’t know where they go after, ask them if you can come with them this time and invite your friend’s girlfriends to come out as well. They will be forced to feel awkward as they will now have to cancel their secret plans or they will argue for various reasons why you shouldn’t come.

4.Listen For Unease In Their Body And Voice

Unease is a strong signal that something is not right. You can tell if your partner is lying about cheating when you are noticing that they take long breaks in their sentences when asked a complex question. They are looking to formulate an answer that is consistent with her story to make sure they cover their tracks and don’t miss anything or tell two different stories. You can also notice unease if they ramble on about an excuse for being late when a simple sorry would suffice. Unease in their body could present as anxiety as well, if they have been more anxious or jittery then they could be hiding something.

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