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Relationship Changes After Cheating: 8 Possible Ways Your Relationship Will Be Affected

relationship changes after cheating

Infidelity can completely change your relationship. In most cases, it affects it negatively. If you are lucky, the relationship changes after cheating may be positive and awaken the lost intimacy with your partner. But only a small percentage of relationships have thanked infidelity for saving their marriage or relationship.

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For most relationships affected by cheating, you have to be ready for a totally different life with your partner. 

Here are some possible ways your relationship can be affected after someone chats.

Negative emotions

relationship changes after cheating

The infidelity victim will have their negative emotions running high, especially during the early days after finding out about their cheating partner. If you have decided to work and save your relationship after one of you has cheated, it won’t be a walk in the park. Get ready for that.

The first days will be marked with anger, feelings of betrayal, upset, and suspicion.

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If you are the one who cheated, you should be aware of this and expect it to last for a while before the victim heals.

Trouble trusting the cheater

The victim, feeling betrayed by a person they loved dearly and gave them all the trust, will have a hard time trusting once more. 

Infidelity destroys trust, regardless of what foundation it was built on.  The breaking of trust is one thing that you, as a cheater, will have a hard time rebuilding with your partner. They may never trust you again for fear that you will still betray them.

While it takes time to build trust, a single cheating incident that’s found out brings it crumbling down in an instant.

The cheater will need to prove they changed.

If you are the one who cheated and was forgiven because you wanted to stay, you will need to prove whether the relationship was worth saving. Since you have broken the trust, you may need to work very hard and prove that the incident changed you and it will not happen again.

Your partner will expect total transparency and no more secrets behind them. This includes being open with whom you are chatting, your schedule, and avoiding temptations that may make you stray again.

Shift in focus

Stress and anxiety are one of the most common effects of cheating in a relationship. For some, infidelity cases make them lose focus on themselves and many life aspects such as careers, parenting, and friendship.

To help rebuild your life, you need to take one issue at a time and prioritize healthy habits such as visiting the gym.

On the other hand, infidelity awakens other people and makes them completely focus on themselves. Such people can quickly recover from infidelity in their relationship as they believe they are now alone and have to improve on themselves rather than focus on issues like having new relationships during that time.

Sex life may get destroyed.

Some people find it hard to recognize their libido after a cheating incident in their relationship.

If you are the victim and trying as hard as possible to forgive the cheating partner, having a healthy sex life could be hard.

Emotions are running high; you feel angry and betrayed and can’t imagine having sex with someone who caused you all these. 

On rare occasions, affairs can bolster your libido. Some people have reported that they were more attracted sexually to their partners after finding out they were cheating on them.

It’s like you are in a competition with someone for your partner and want to win them back.

Sex can also make a broken relationship heal. It’s because it has the power to convince partners that there’s still intimacy they share even after having issues in their relationship.

You may experience a strong commitment to each other.

Source: American Psychological Association

Cheating isn’t always the end of every relationship. To some, who want to save theirs can be the wake-up call to rebuilding the lost intimacy. And if partners succeed in rebuilding their relationships, it can get stronger than the previous one. Partners can have a strong commitment to each other as the victim will always try to stay on the right side and never think of straying again. Besides, the lessons learned can be very crucial in having such a healthy relationship.

On the other hand, the victim may think of possible reasons why their partner cheated, and if they feel guilty about it, they will also work to ensure they help their partners don’t stray.

Your relationship might come to an end.

Both parties have to decide whether it’s worth saving the relationship or call it quits.  If you want to save it, both of you need to put in equal efforts towards rebuilding your relationship. If this is not the case, it just gets hard. And in the end, your relationship might end.

Rebuilding a relationship also depends on the level of cheating that happened. For instance, rebuilding a relationship after your partner cheated on you with your best friend can be the most difficult thing you will ever face. Sometimes, it’s best to end things up and move on.

The effects can still haunt the partners in their later relationships.

If your new partner finds out that cheating was the reason you ended your previous relationship, things may be hard for you. Even the new partner will find it hard to trust you. You will still have to prove to them that you won’t do the same to them. A broken trust often extends far beyond your current relationship, and you will still have to work on proving yourself.

The victim will also face issues trusting a new person in their relationship. They will be much more careful not to get hurt once more. This affects how they relate to their new partner.


If you cheated or your partner cheated on you, expect to see some relationship changes after cheating happens. Many things will be affected, determining whether your relationship will work out again or come to an end.

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