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Cheating & Infidelity

10 Shocking Personality Traits Cheaters Have In Common

traits cheaters have in common

 While most people think cheaters have only one thing in common, research suggests otherwise. There is a common set of traits cheaters have in common. Have you been a victim of infidelity? Probably you don’t want to go through the same path in your next love life. 

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A cheating partner can hurt your emotions and affect your life in all aspects. Knowing the traits cheaters have in common can be crucial if you want to avoid falling for such people. The sooner you keep these traits at your fingertips, the higher the chances of protecting yourself from getting hurt again.

If you notice these traits in your partner, you better reconsider your relationship before everything gets out of control.

 Common Personality Traits Cheaters Have

It’s All About Them

If your partner has everything centered around them (narcissistic), you may have difficulty dealing with a cheating incident in your relationship. You may even get more hurt. In simple terms, narcissists are self-absorbed and will show no empathy, even when after cheating. They can have an affair without feeling guilty and, worst, make you feel guilty.

They are very good at lying.

traits cheaters have in common
Source: AdomOnline

A cheater can look you in the eye with all the confidence and tell a lie right on your face without blinking.

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Most of the time, you will be deceived by their lies and believe them. Not that you want to accept them, but you have no option since they have perfected the art of lying, making them so convincing.

Ever heard of the phrase “not all liars are cheaters?” Well, the reverse is true. All cheaters are liars. They hide so much truth from their partners and always want their partner to see a very different side from what’s going on.

Cheaters always want to cover their tracks when having an affair. This is why they will always lie where they are, what they are doing, who that close friend is to them, and so on.

 They are jealous

traits cheaters have in common

“What will you do if you find out that I cheated on you?” This question comes out of jealousy and from cheaters who want to determine whether the effects of cheating will come back around. They are afraid of losing you or maybe revenge by cheating back. Cheaters also tend to believe that you may be cheating on them too. They get so insecure in their lies and can accuse you of being unfaithful. If they accuse you of things you don’t understand, the chances are that they are committing them. Just listen to what their accusations are. You will be surprised to find out they have been doing them behind your back.

They are always flirting.

traits cheaters have in common

Cheaters are always on the hunt. They are also looking for validation from others. Any flirtatious exchange invites more from them. Surprisingly, cheaters do not consider flirting as cheating. So, if you find flirting as cheating, you will struggle to convince them otherwise. 

While your partner may validate that flirting is not cheating, this behavior always leads to more. 

Besides, flirting is disrespectful and tends to shift your partner’s attention away from your relationship.

They are opportunistic

Cheaters are always calculative and know when to strike their victims. When an opportunity presents itself, they take it. Such people will usually cheat when they have a chance. 

It doesn’t matter where the opportunity presents itself, whether it’s a workplace, restaurant, or anywhere, they don’t take chances. In addition to being opportunistic, they believe finding someone else will make them happier. 

 They Lack Respect

Even how your partner treats other people in front of you will tell whether they have respect or not. If they show little respect to others, there are high chances they will show you none. They just don’t have it. Most cheaters lack respect and may cheat on you without giving it a second thought. They don’t care how their behavior will affect you.

They Justify Cheating

This is one of the traits cheaters have in common. Cheaters blame their partners for their cheating behavior and will always try to validate it. 

If caught, they will blame you as the cause of their infidelity. They will blame you for lack of sex, attention, intimacy, and connection. They give these reasons to try and validate why they went to look for “greener pastures” outside the relationship.

If your partner blames you for almost everything that goes wrong in your relationship, chances are they will blame you when they cheat.

They feel not loved

While it’s easy to say that cheaters are heartless human beings, sometimes they cheat because of insecurities. Sometimes they cheat because they feel unlovable. They are dissatisfied and unhappy in the relationship, even when they are the ones making it hard to be loved.

They believe they just can’t help it.

Serial cheaters always think of unfaithfulness as a problem they will always have. They believe this problem is uncontrollable since they believe no one partner can fulfill all their needs.

Commitment to them is also a foreign concept, and will always find it hard to stay committed to one partner. 

 They are afraid to be alone.

A study suggested that cheaters think that by having many partners, they will never be alone. So they cheat to confront the fear of abandonment. However, the result is that they will still feel lonely and insecure. This makes them be on a constant search for new people.


These personality traits cheaters have in common are so important when you want to know whether your partner could be a cheater or do it behind your back. However, some traits do not necessarily mean that someone is a cheater. Always try to look out for multiple traits in this list to make a sound conclusion. If you find out that your partner has many traits listed here, the chances are that they are cheaters, and you should be careful to find out the actual truth.

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