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Want To Stop Infidelity? Here Are 6 Ways To Stop Cheating.

excuses for infidelity

While most cheaters are looking for ways to stop cheating, naturally, we all assume that anyone cheating is a bad person who wants to hurt their partner. No person wakes up in the morning and plans to cheat and cause harm to their partner unless they are psychopathic.

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Everyone goes into a relationship and marriage having the “happily ever after” vision. But this is not always the case. Cheating is widespread in today’s society. A 2015 study reported that one in every five people admitted to cheating on their partners. The figures may be higher as many have refused to disclose. 

Despite this reality, people have shunned away from talking about this topic, making it hard for anyone to learn how to stop cheating.

People who cheat are not always bad. It’s just that they made decisions that hurt their partners. Sometimes, they realize their mistakes and want to change. However, they feel they need help to stop cheating.

If you are looking for ways to stop cheating, here is how you can do it.

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Are you an accidental or a habitual cheater?

The first step is to find out what type of cheater you are. It is important that you know which type you belong to so that you heal the underlying reasons you are cheating. 

Habitual cheaters do it because an opportunity has presented itself. They are willing to take the risk and cheat on their partners, even when they are in a happy relationship. Besides, habitual cheaters often have several affair partners to increase the thrill of cheating. Their affairs are short-lived since they form no attachment with their lovers.

While they do not regret cheating on their partners, they highly regret the consequences of getting caught.

On the other hand, accidental cheaters find themselves cheating. They say it just happened! Maybe because some situations such as drinking or being in the wrong place made them vulnerable.

Accidental cheaters can also form an emotional bond with their affair partners, although they clearly regret cheating on their partners.

Regardless of what type you are, people cheat to fulfill a gap in their relationships. If you understand where you belong, you can easily find the underlying reasons why you committed infidelity.

Figure Out What You Want

After knowing what type of cheater you are, the next step is to analyze your situation. Will you still cheat if you are given options to stay or leave? 

If you want to leave, it’s not the best way to find your way out. 

If you are using an affair as a catalyst to end your current affair, take a step back and try to end it without hurting someone.

Be honest with your partner that you want to end things up. If you keep doing this, you’re dishonest to your partner and yourself. 

Eventually, you may find yourself cheating in your subsequent relationships, making it hard for you to create a long-lasting relationship with anyone.

If you are cheating but still want to stay, you need to figure out why you cannot leave your partner.

Think about the consequences

Cheaters always believe that it will be the last time they are cheating. While this could be true, it rarely happens. Most of the affairs continue until the partner discovers. 

Before it gets to this point, think of the effects of cheating, whether in a relationship or marriage. You will not just hurt yourself and your partner. People close to you, children, family, and close friends will feel the effects too. 

If you think that you are doing it for only one last time, the chances are that you will always do it over and over again when such an opportunity presents itself.

Stay away from the tempting situations.

ways to stop cheating

Since you are here reading this article, we believe you have decided to stop cheating. Making this decision is one thing. Walking the talk is another. You need to avoid getting into contact with tempting situations that will make you cheat.

First, cut all the communication with your affair partner. If you need to change your contacts, then you have to. You need to take such bold steps if you really want to move on.

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid your affair partner. For instance, when you cheated with your work colleague. In such a situation, you have to try very hard and minimize any contact with them. 

A more bold move means telling them that you don’t want to do it anymore. Keep them away and only maintain a professional relationship with them.

If possible, you can try changing to another employment to demonstrate to your partner that you are serious about moving on after infidelity.

Besides, avoid these situations as hard as you can:

  • Flirting
  • Heavy drinking when your partner is not around
  • Attending social events without friends

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See a relationship/marriage counselor.

ways to stop cheating

You don’t have to go with your partner. But there’s no harm if you both go to see a counselor. But it’s always recommended that you don’t take them with you if they still don’t know about it and you haven’t told them.

A professional counselor helps increase your awareness and help identify the underlying issues in your relationship that you may not find out by yourself.

Besides, they can give you strategies and the best way for your situation to stop cheating.

Later in counseling, after you have patched things up in your relationship, it will be better to introduce your partner and let them learn how to approach issues in your relationship.

Stop comparing your partner.

While every person is different from each other, most of us tend to be dissatisfied with what we have and compare our partners with others. Unfortunately, we only see what our partner lacks. This brings in the temptation to search for what’s missing in others.

While you may find your affair partner more attractive and with something your partner lacks, you will realize that they also lack something else, which your partner has.

Therefore, you only need to stop comparing your partner to someone else. It only leads you to stray.


There are ways to stop cheating if you want to. It just needs you to make the decision and stay true and genuine to it. Infidelity mostly ends with more pain, hurt, and regrets. So, you have made the right step to avoiding such painful consequences.

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