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9 Signs They Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

cheating in a long distance relationship

You may already have found yourself in a long-distance relationship before for some reason. While most couples reunite after being separated by distance, some don’t. The distance becomes their breaking point due to infidelity.

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Nobody wants to think that their partner they dearly love, is cheating them. However, the bad news is that cheating happens. While it is easier to discover a cheating partner when they are close to you, cheating in a long distance relationship is different. Your partner can hide their behavior for long without you knowing.

Long distance relationship is not easy. It requires both of you to be committed and protect your relationship away from each other. What drives this relationship is being honest and keeping the best communication possible. If communication and honesty go away, it could be a red sign. If you suspect your partner is cheating in a long distance relationship, you can prove it by looking at these signs.

 Proofs they are cheating in a long distance relationship.

These signs do not affirm that your partner is cheating on you. But they are critical to telling you that they may not be completely honest with you. If you spot these signs, you should be cautious and never ignore them.

Sudden and continuous change in the communication pattern

cheating in a long distance
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As we said before, communication keeps long-distance relationships alive. It’s the only way both of you can talk to each other and stay close. But when the pattern changes, it may mean something else. When the night calls are cut, and they only call during work hours, and worse, they don’t pick your calls at night, insisting on text messaging, be cautious! 

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They may even avoid some sexy topics you used to discuss with each other. TH intimate moments like video calls are no longer a priority to them and are always finding excuses why they cannot talk with you at the time you call. They may be hiding something from you. When someone doesn’t want to do anything, they will always find excuses.

They are always busy.

When your partner starts having several evenings and weekend commitments, you need to rethink their commitment to the relationship. Any committed partner will always find time for their relationship, no matter how busy they can get. However, if they are always pushing you away, saying they have a packed schedule over the weekend, especially the plans that do not involve you, then you have some reasons to worry.

They suddenly start getting offline most of the time.

You know your partner never used to switch off their phone most of the time. But suddenly, you discover this is what they have started doing. Worse, they are off during odd hours. 

When they get back online, they don’t give you decent reasons why they were unreachable. Sometimes, they can be reachable but not replying to your texts and answering your phone calls. While many may say you’re just insecure, it may be something to do with your partner if this behavior persists.

They are only relaxed when they call but seem worried when you call.

You may know that someone doesn’t want to talk to you on a phone call by how they sound and what they say. When you surprise your partner with a phone call and notice they sound weird, it could mean something else. Maybe you just called at the “wrong time.” They may be enjoying themselves with their affair partner. During this time, it even gets hard for them to say words like “I love you” when ending the phone call. 

You know they have a history of cheating in their previous relationships.

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” phrase seems to be closer to reality than you think. While it is not confirmation that they may be cheating on you, a person’s past behavior best predicts their future ones. If infidelity was the reason they ended their past three relationships, what makes yours so special? 

You notice some inconsistencies in their story

Do they seem confused about what they told you earlier and mixing their stories to create an alibi? Maybe all those things they are telling you are made up. She later forgets about them, and when you ask them later, they don’t remember the lie. The slipups could be genuine, but when they persist, you have to worry about your relationship. 

They get angry and defensive when you ask a question.

You may opt to confront your partner about their sudden change of behavior, only for them to get annoyed and defensive. This is never a good sign. Complaining about their changing behavior is fair, and if they are getting upset about your concern, their commitment to the relationship may have shifted.

They show no desire to meet anytime soon.

Normally, long-distance should make you miss each other and yearn for the day you will reunite again. You even create long-term plans to reunite and spend more time together. However, when they show little interest when you speak about this topic, they may be seeing someone who may replace you.

They do not publicly display their relationship with you on social media.

There’s no way your partner, in a healthy relationship, cannot be confident and proud about you that they can’t display their relationship status with you on Facebook. If you notice they are ignoring your tags and cannot even like your photos anymore, something has changed. Hiding their relationship status may show they are using social media to cheat on you, and they don’t want their affair partner to know they are in a committed relationship. 

Long distance relationship may be inevitable at some point in your relationship. If your partner is not prepared for it and committed enough to the relationship, it may be the last time you see them and may never reunite again. Knowing the signs that your partner is cheating in a long distance relationship can help you address the situation early enough and save your relationship from falling apart. It can also save you time and stop chasing on someone who wasn’t meant for you.

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