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Why Men Cheat: 13 Reasons he may be cheating

why men cheat

First things first. If you are wondering why we are only focused on why men cheat, we have already posted an article on why women cheat. You can also check it out. 

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When men give some of the reasons they cheated on their partners, you will be surprised at how creative they can be. Most of them give reasons to pin down the blame on someone else or to at least justify why they did it. Either way, issues that lead to cheating can be due to problems in a relationship or the individual.

Statistics indicate that men cheat a lot more than women. But the question remains: Why do men cheat?

Reasons why men cheat


Emotional immaturity is one primary reason why men cheat. When a man lacks the maturity to invest and commit themselves in a relationship, they will find it hard to address and solve issues when they arise in their relationship. Instead, such men make wrong choices and choose to engage in activities that harm their loved ones.

The effects of cheating only become clear to them after they have already strayed. Immaturity makes men be this reckless and gamble with their relationships, a big mistake they may never be lucky to correct.

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They want a breakup

why men cheat

Sometimes men cheat just to tell their partner they want to break up. So they cheat to find a reason that will trigger the breakup. Sometimes, they cheat to set a stage for their next relationship.

Communication breakdown in a relationship

Usually, when someone cheats in a relationship, it’s because their needs are not being met in the relationship. It can be emotional dissatisfaction or not being given the attention they want. Since they will want to feel appreciated but believe they cannot find appreciation in their relationship, men may find it outside. They will cheat on someone who makes them feel their value and makes them happy.

He may not be for monogamy.

Some men believe that being in a committed monogamous relationship is impossible. Such partners even claim they are not naturally monogamous. Such men will even try to validate cheating in their relationships and encourage their partners to do so. They always believe they were not meant to be with one person. When they cheat and give this reason, just know they are giving it as an excuse to keep on meeting their affair partner.

They are still keeping in touch with their Ex.

When a relationship faces some difficult times, men tend to ‘disqualify the good things’ in the relationship. During this time, when an ex shows up, they remember the spark and the intimacy they shared. The memories become so fresh that they ignore their current relationship, and on the other side, they ignore the reasons that led to their breakup with the ex and get tempted to cheat—a disaster in waiting. Most people do not go back to their exes and re-established a broken relationship. You will just be spinning the same wheel.

Depression and anxiety

A man may be depressed or anxious that they find themselves getting angry at their partner for their mistakes. Instead of solving these issues arising with their partners, they resolve to cheat.

Addiction to sex

In rare instances, some men cheat because they are addicted to sex. Sex triggers the brain receptors known as dopamine, which are responsible for pleasure. And like anything else like cocaine, which activates these receptors, it can be so addictive.

They got the opportunity.

Just like women, when men are presented with the opportunity to cheat, they will take advantage and cheat. It may be with their workmate, ex-girlfriend, or a close friend. If they have been getting attracted to these people and find the opportunity, they will cheat.

Co-occurring issues

A man may have ongoing issues like alcohol and drugs that may interfere with his decision making and cause them to stray. It is always important to help your man avoid excessive drug and alcohol use if they can be tempted to commit infidelity in this condition.

They desire adventure

This is also another reason why people cheat on those they love. Men tend to cheat to end the boredom in everyday life in their relationship. Cheating men love to experience the ‘greener grass on the other side’ and get away from marriage and relationships’ usual responsibilities.

They crave intimacy

Lack of intimacy in a relationship or marriage may trigger men to cheat as a solution to finding it somewhere else. If a man feels their partner is unavailable to them, they will fill this void elsewhere emotionally and physically.

To them, cheating is a way to show someone else is seeing my value and understands me better.

Men cheat due to their ego.

Men always want to feel desirable and attractive, and sometimes it doesn’t matter what makes them feel this way. If they can fulfill their ego outside their marriage or relationship, then nothing may stop them. Men’s ego makes them feel powerful and more manly. It is sad when they cheat for this, but it’s just one of the reasons.

Their relationship doesn’t satisfy them sexually.

Probably you have already heard some men complain of their partners not being good in bed. If a man is dissatisfied in bed with his partner, they will probably look for satisfaction outside the relationship or marriage. 


These reasons why men cheat can help women know precisely why their partners are cheating and probably give you an expectation and how to solve these incidences when they occur in their relationships or marriage.

Both men and women have their reasons for cheating. They are so many, and although they may be different, there is no good reason that validates cheating once you are committed to a relationship or marriage.

Whatever the reason it may be, cheating is one bad solution to solving the problem. There are better solutions that can help you save your marriage or relationship.

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