Why Women Cheat: 11 Possible Reasons why she is cheating on you

There’s a traditional belief that has turned into a myth; men cheat more than women. But whom are they cheating with? Is the world having more gays than heterosexual men? Definitely not.

The simple truth in the current world is that the rate of men and women who cheat are almost equal. Research suggests that between 10% and 20% of those in marriages engage in cheating. And this number may be widely under-reported, thanks to denial and secrecy.

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Today we talk about why women cheat. Some reasons for women having an affair differ from those of men. 

Reasons why women cheat

They cheat for sex

why women cheat

Just like anyone else, women love good sex. When they find someone who can satisfy their sexual desire than their partner, they may cheat on them. If someone tells you that men cheat for sex and women cheat for emotion, they will be lying. A recent study reported that although men are most likely to cheat for sex, it is still among the top three reasons women also cheat.

They are unhappy in their relationship.

why women cheat
Source: KlearMinds

When women fall out of love with their partner, they will most likely cheat on them. Even when love is still there, a woman who feels unhappy in her relationship may be tempted to cheat. Issues like financial problems, anger, and disagreements with her partner are why a woman can be unhappy with her relationship.

They are lonely

A woman who cheats may have a partner who returns home late in the night due to work, do not have time with them, and make them feel lonely.  Perhaps, the woman has reached a stage in life where making new friends spend time with them is also challenging.

Whachallengingr the reason, if a woman feels lonely in a relationship, it may influence them to commit infidelity. In such situations, they can easily go in search of companionship that is missing in their relationship.

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They found the opportunity.

Opportunistic infidelity is one of the different types of infidelity that both men and women commit. This is where a person will cheat for having the opportunity to do so. Women also commit infidelity for this reason. Maybe with a workmate, classmate, a friend in their social circle, or even their ex. 

Similar opportunities also exist in cyber cheating, including online dating sites, social media, text messaging, and emails. All these present the opportunity to someone and may find themselves involved in an affair.

Too many expectations from their partner

It’s common for most women to demand a lot from their men every day. They expect them to provide and meet their needs every day. When this is not the case, a woman may find ways to get what she wants outside the relationship—talk of material things, attention, and time.

They feel ignored or unappreciated.

Women love being recognized and appreciated by their men. If they feel more like a housekeeper than a wife or girlfriend, they will seek somewhere they are valued and validated.

Low self-esteem

When a woman suffers from low self-esteem. It may trigger her to look for an external source to get all the attention and validation. This may make them resolve to cheat with someone who makes them feel special and give them meaning. If this is the reason why a woman is cheating, they will jump to another affair when the current one ends. So it is always just a temporary solution to the major problem, low-self esteem.

They are expressing anger.

Women enter into a relationship with some expectations of how their man should behave in a relationship. They create an ideal man in their mind forgetting that there’s another side called reality. When reality hits, they realize their ideal man is not who their man is. Their expectation of a perfect family and a man who is a great parent, a partner, and a professional fades, and anger sets in. The woman turns into someone else. They feel they have been failed. Sometimes, they get angry for different reasons like past affairs. They resolve to pay back with having an affair.

Mid-life crisis

While reports suggest that midlife crisis will mostly affect people aged 35 and 60, this self-evaluation period seems to be caused by circumstances and not age.

Major events trigger a mid-life crisis in a woman, causing them to dive deep into self-evaluation moments, leading them to debate about their life, love, career, and children.

If these events successfully change a woman’s viewpoint of her love life, it can throw her a little off balance and cheat on their partner. A woman may sometimes act differently when they try to realize their potential. This includes committing infidelity while searching for happiness and fulfillment outside her relationship.

The other person makes them feel special.

There’s no better feeling to a woman than being made feel special. Sometimes women cheat because the new person makes them feel exactly that. Some women who have reported cheating said that their affair partner made them feel more special than their real partners.

It is just hard to ignore the attention they are given, they say, no matter what their partner does at home.

They want to fill the emotional void.

It is possible to get disconnected emotionally from your spouse. When this happens to a woman, they feel unappreciated and not valued in the relationship. This makes them crave intimacy and leads them to find it outside their relationship.


There are many potential reasons why women cheat. However, whatever the reason it may be, couples can always turn things around and address the situation together to save their relationship or marriage.

On rare occasions, like when a woman cheats to end a relationship, it is always best to say goodbye. But cheating should always not be the end of a love story. Instead, it should be viewed as a test of the ability to survive the storm.

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