What Does Cheating Say About A Person?: 9 Characters of a cheater

What does cheating say about a person? Generally, infidelity is seen as an unforgivable act in any relationship that can lead to separation, especially when there are no children involved. Cheating does say a lot about a person. The majority of those things are not attractive, and no one would want to be defined by that.

Cheating happens even in happy relationships. In most cases, you will never see it coming, maybe because you have invested and built trust with your partner.

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When you realize they have been doing it behind your back, it could mean something else about them. How could they do something of the sort to their better half? 

You will ask questions, wonder whether you contributed to their behavior or what their affair partner is doing better than you. 

However, there is nothing wrong with you. A cheater always has the option to choose what is right from wrong. They always know the consequences of cheating, but they still committed it. This is not about you, but about them.

What does cheating say about a person? Here are a few things you should know.

They lack decisiveness

what does cheating say about a person
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A cheater usually finds it hard to choose between you and their affair partner. In the end, they want to have both of you. 

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With no strong will power to make such decisions, they cannot choose one of you, even when given an ultimatum.

However, with a decisive mind, one can only end their relationship first if they like another person, instead of cheating on them. It is the only fair act to do.

They are unsatisfied with their relationship

Although there are some cases where cheating also happens in a happy relationship, most people would never think of cheating. Most people cheat because they are looking for something they are not getting in their relationship. Sexual satisfaction, material possession, and intimacy are just some of them. A lack of these and the cheater begins to have second thoughts about their relationship and where they can find them.

A cheater could be aware that seeking the missing treasures out of their relationship will not make them satisfied or happier. They know it could only worsen the situation if caught, but they still choose to, anyway.

They don’t truly love you

When a person starts thinking whether they made the right decision to be with you, or they just chose “Mr. Wrong,” they will start questioning whether it was love in the first place.

They start thinking about going out with someone else. That is a sign of having insincere feelings towards you.

There is no way a person could hurt the person they love that much by cheating on them. A person who cheats never really loves you. If they loved you, such intentional actions would never pop up in their minds.

True love does not seek to hurt another person intentionally.

They are immature, emotionally

A cheater is said to be emotionally immature. They do not think of how their actions could severely affect their partners and people close to them. This trait can be seen when you notice your partner always putting their issues first and not caring about your needs. Their argument is selfish and very self-centered.

They have no respect

A cheater lacks self-respect and respect for others also. Everyone in a relationship knows that cheating is never good for any love story. They understand how cheating can affect a person but still make the wrong turn. 

The disrespect they show to their partner through constant lying, betrayal, and hurting their feelings tells more about their self-respect issues.

They are cowards

Cheaters are so weak that they lack the confidence to confront their partners and talk to them about their feelings. Such people will prefer looking for happiness and satisfaction outside their relationship rather than sitting down and patching things up.

They would rather cheat than try to restore the lost intimacy in their relationship. 

Cheating shows that they have no guts to break up their relationship and move on with someone they like. Even in the affair, they do not know how to end an affair and head back home.

Cheaters are liars

A cheater is willing to lie as long as they can when confronted to keep their affair a secret. 

With their constant lies, they soon master the art and find themselves lying not just to their partners but to people close to them.

A cheater can perfectly construct lies and act normal that it becomes so difficult to know when they are lying or telling the truth.

They forget that some of their habits change, and one can tell if they are lying about cheating.

Cheaters have commitment issues

Most men cheat because they have commitment issues. They are not ready to commit to one partner in a long-term relationship and will always be looking for a way out.

However, this is not the best way to get out of any relationship. You will not just hurt the person who has trusted and given you their heart, but you may end up losing them for good. 

Always be honest if you do not want to get committed to the relationship. Talk about it together. If they genuinely love you, they can wait, or they may be having a better solution for both parties.

They can cheat again

what does cheating say about a person

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” seems to hold more weight today. It has been proven in most cases. 

A cheater that is never caught will probably cheat again until they are caught. They can even continue doing it if a monogamous relationship is not their thing.

If they do it more than once, it ceases to be a mistake and becomes a choice. Cheating is the choice they have made. They will cheat as long as they want to.


Cheating says a lot about a person. It exposes red flags that should never be assumed by the victim. 

Cheating can also say a lot about a relationship. If you are the cheater, it is best to sit down with your better half and find out what may be wrong and correct it.

If you feel that you may have cheated for personal reasons like lacking decisiveness or confidence, it is best to seek relationship therapy and talk about it.

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