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6 Reasons You Should Perform A Background Check Before Marriage

background check before marriage

You may be wondering why you should perform a background check before marriage, especially after building trust with each other that you are taking your love to the next level.

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Not many couples think of performing background checks before tying the knot as part of their standard marriage process. Take a step back and rethink. There still may be so much hidden about your partner. 

It may look like they have disclosed everything to you, but there are still some possibilities of them hiding crucial information from you. This is mostly the case if they are afraid that the relationship may be ruined, if you know.

Despite a background check being an important step for every marriage, very few people are familiar with and willing to perform it.  Most people only conduct background checks when going out for the first date.

However, thinking of a background check as a standard process before marriage can increase these statistics and make it a standard procedure for many couples.

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Reasons you should get a background check before marriage.

There are several reasons you should conduct a premarital background check, and some partners do this process before getting married.

Find critical information they “forget to mention.”

Before you decide to get married to your spouse, it is important to know that they had a life before meeting you. 

To avoid surprise appearances of the skeletons in their past, conducting a background check is necessary. 

Your partner may have a criminal history that they always hide from you. What if you realize that the person you loved was once convicted of murder?

What if you realize they were once married and have a family but did not tell you? 

Worse, they completely changed their identity before meeting you.

Premarital background checks may provide you with such critical information before you feel heartbroken and betrayed. You have the advantage of knowing everything before getting committed.

It helps protect your children, in case you have them.

background check before marriage

You are getting married for the second time after your first marriage. You may have had some children in your first marriage. Before getting married, it is only necessary to conduct a background check with your partner to ensure you do not expose these kids to an abuser.

Financial reasons

background check before marriage

Remember, you will be pulling finances and debts together in your marriage. A credit check with your partner will help you determine whether they can be responsible and can be able to manage your finances in marriage. Bad credit scores can reflect how your future loans may be affected, insurance payments, and even employment and mortgages.

This does not mean that you should call it quits when you find out about their poor credit history. It only acts as a warning tool, which should prepare you. If you know this, you can have other plans to support them and deal with such issues when they happen later in your marriage.

Premarital Background checks are possible deal-breakers

There are so many background checks you can run with your spouse before marriage. Some checks will protect you against fraud and deception. 

Here is a few reports background checks can reveal.

  • Change of identity:  Your partner may have been so dumb in their past life that they decided to move elsewhere to start over again.
  • Criminal background: This is very much possible if your partner once committed a crime in the past. They can hide this as much as they can to keep your relationship with you. For instance, Theodore Bagwell, a character in the Prison Break TV show. The moment his secret was revealed, his new ‘relationship’ was ruined.
  • Addictive behavior: Your partner may find this not worth mentioning during your relationship. But addictive drug and substance abuse and gambling could ruin your marriage in the future, even when they say “everybody is doing it.”
  • Prior marriages: This becomes a big issue if they did not tell you anything about it. You may want to find reasons why they did not reveal this. It could mean they are still married. It could also be true that they forgot since they believe their previous marriage was annulled and found no reason to tell you. 

You act as an investigator. 

At least you can be so sure about your partner after investigating their past before committing to marriage. You will also avoid conflicts that could have come up after finding out the secrets in the future.

Both parties get checked.

Your partner may be uncomfortable about this process and question whether you trust them. But this is nothing to do with honesty and trust. It is only fair that both of you get checked. The best way is to treat it as a fun event.

Your partner may not even know about the information that could be disastrous from their past.

A background gives both of you a chance to respond to any surprises in the report. It is like you are doing each other favor of being answerable before you find it out in the future.

Where to conduct a background check before marriage?

While it is recommended that you both run a background check together, you can also run a check secretly about your partner if you feel they will be receptive to the idea. It helps you stay on the safe side and prepare for any issues in the future.

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