Should You Cheat On Someone Who Cheated On You?

Trying to even things with your cheating partner after their infidelity incident is one option many victims think of. Many have asked whether they should cheat on someone who cheated on them. 

It is a hot topic that can spark endless discussions on forums. 

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Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful can unleash the feelings of anger, betrayal, and revenge that will make you want to retaliate by cheating back. 

You may want to get back to your partner by making them feel the way you felt and even the scores, but you are risking more.

Cheating on someone who cheated on you will not even things up. In fact, you will only worsen the situation. Instead of teaching them a lesson, the consequences of your action will be severe for your relationship.

The outcome of cheating on someone who cheated on you

You will not even the score

Your partner’s infidelity caused you too much pain that you still have not healed from entirely. You want them to feel what you felt—but cheating back on them will not even things up. 

They may have broken the trust you shared. You cannot break what is already broken.

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Your act will justify their infidelity

cheat on someone who cheated
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You may be thinking that you will make them feel victimized but give them the thought of justifying their infidelity. They will find the grounds to continue with their affairs even after they had promised to change. Cheating on them could just unleash their past back to life and ruin the healing process.

Your actions motivate them back to infidelity

If your partner felt guilty in the first case and vowed to change, you will only make cheating more acceptable in the relationship, as something both of you agree with.

How cheating on someone who cheated on you affects your relationship

You will not patch the existing loopholes

The loopholes in your relationship that led to cheating in the first place will be ignored, even if both of you are working on the healing process.

Instead of putting your full concentration to deal with these issues, your mind will get distracted, and in the end, you will not patch them. 

Worsens an already vulnerable relationship

After an affair, the relationship is at its lowest and vulnerable. Cheating to score even can only break the weak bonds and complicate the whole situation altogether. The healing process and the hopes of a full recovery will be dwindled by your actions.

It will ruin the connection with your partner

A retaliation affair will push you further from your partner emotionally, and there will be no feelings of connection between the two of you. You will find the relationship worthless as the emotions you used to share no longer exist.

It can lead to domestic violence

cheat on someone who cheated on you

Cheating on your partner after they have cheated on you will only raise anger and hatred between you. This can make partners violent when arguments arise. 

How cheating on someone who cheated on you affects your healing process

You are not properly dealing with pain

By cheating on a partner who cheated on you, you do not deal with the emotional pain they caused you. Unless you learn how to deal with infidelity pain, you will not heal fully, and your relationship may be ruined.

You will not feel any better

Trying to make them feel exactly how you felt by cheating will not drive away from the feelings of betrayal and anger. You will still feel the pain caused by their actions. Now both of you will feel like you cannot be together again. It ruins your relationship completely.

You will feel the effects of cheating on a cheater

You probably do not know that cheaters also get affected by their acts. That is why you want to cheat back. In addition to the pain you are feeling, you may also experience the effects of cheating on a cheater.

The combination of the two will be worse than what you may be feeling right now. In addition to your pain, guilt and shame will be the order of the day.

You will destroy your ethics

There is a reason you have never cheated before. Your morals could be keeping you away from infidelity. When you compromise them, you will never rebuild them, and instead, you will find yourself living with embarrassment and regrets.

What to do when thinking of having a retaliation affair

Before you think of cheating on someone who cheated on you, here are a few pieces of advice that can help you save your relationship.

Do you still want to be with your partner?

Asking yourself whether you still want to be with your partner and keep the relationship will help you make the right decision. If you still want to be with them and even believe you can still work things together, then you will avoid the effects of cheating on them.

If you proceed and cheat on them also, you may just have confirmed to them that there is nothing to save in the relationship.

Your relationship may not survive the two incidents of cheating

The first one was so painful for you to bear. It may even be worse when both of you have the same feeling. It will be harder for your relationship to withstand both infidelity cases.

Be open with them

Communicate to your partner about how you feel and address the issues before they get out of hand. Your partner may have cheated because of the poor communication between both of you. Talking with each other about how you feel can help your relationship stay healthy.

Think of the consequences

When you also cheat, you are not just ruining your relationship and partner. You will also face the emotional consequences that will destroy your life. Before you commit the act, know that it can destroy rather than rebuild your already vulnerable self.


Cheating on someone who cheated on you is never the best option. When you think that you are revenging on your partner, you will just destroy your relationship and feel more significant consequences than what you think now. 

If your relationship cannot be repaired, it is better to move on rather than complicating the situation.

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