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"People Background Search" refers to the process of thoroughly checking public databases for history, including contact coordinates, education history, personal records, and local authority records to name a few. They help individuals or organizations find more background information.

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Sourcing comprehensive information and piecing it together all by yourself can be both expensive and time-consuming. We focus at offering you instant authentic background reports by probing deeper into local, state and federal courts, public utilities, private business records, the criminal justice system, social media profiles, and other sources.

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Automated background check at TruthScouts has been of great help. Just to be on the safer side, I run a check on almost every new contact.

Peter C. | Las Vegas

Finding people is now simplified with Truthscouts. No scope of a goof up during documentation.

Lauren | New York

TruthScouts has truly been helpful in locating my best buddy from school years later! Truly an amazing experience.

Kevin Locke | Florida

TruthScouts has proven all my suspicions.

Avi Davis | San Fransisco

Believe it or not but TruthScouts has helped me find and reunite with my half-sister after a wait of almost 24 years! I can't thank them enough.

Shauna K. | New Mexico