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7 Tips For Coping With An Unfaithful Partner

Finding out about your partner’s infidelity is one of the most painful experiences you can ever face. It throws everything into a crisis and threatens the relationship you have built together. Even relationships that were formed on stronger foundations of trust and love get threatened by infidelity. Finding tips for coping with an unfaithful partner could be the best way to avoid making rash decisions that could hurt you more.

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While many will advise you to break up with your partner once you find out they have been cheating on you. It is not always the case. Many people have preferred to stick around for their reasons. This is especially the case when children are involved and do not want to break the family. It may also be due to financial reasons or fear of being alone. 

Many people have been reported seeking ways to recover from their partner’s infidelity, especially when the cheater shows some signs of changing their habit.

Here are a few tips for coping up with an unfaithful partner in your relationship.

Acknowledge how you feel

When you first learn about your partner’s infidelity, shock, depression, pain, fear, and confusion will hit you. You will get into this emotional confusion for a while, and it’s normal. That’s how cheating affects a person.

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You should also understand that the pain will not go away overnight. It will take time. On average, it could take up to 18 months. To learn how to deal with infidelity pain so that it does not affect your health and productivity.

You should be patient and don’t freak out that things are not working for you to heal. This will soon go away after some time.

Do not pay it back

While the feelings of betrayal could lead you to think of evening the scores, you could make the worst decision when you want to save your relationship—cheating back on your partner will not even the scores. It will worsen the relationship you are trying to save.

However furious you may be, avoiding revenging on your partner. Do not even trash-talk about him to your friends and social media.

While you are still feeling the pain they caused you, it is better to stay calm and not make decisions that could work against you in the future.

Think before talking about it to your family too. They may influence your decision when you are the one who knows what you need. Family can influence you to leave when they do not understand what is going on in your relationship. Eventually, you will carry the consequences.

Talk to your partner.

Coping with an unfaithful partner
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Arrange for some talk time with your partner.  Ask questions you need to be answered. Ask them how it all started, what were their reasons for cheating. Tell them how their behavior affected you and how it is threatening your relationship. Ask them to change and to promise never to cheat again. 

You should stay above the discussion and be in charge of what you need to know. 

However painful this can get, you will feel relieved when you know everything and when they are willing to talk about it openly.

If you understand how exactly they started cheating, you will be watchful in the future for possible signs of cheating, and this may help you prevent them from falling into the trap once more.

Don’t forget to work on yourself.

Effects of cheating severely affect the victim if they let them take control. Cheating can result in physical reactions like nausea, insomnia, loss of appetite, losing concentration, and overreacting. 

It’s only best that you take care of yourself and stop playing the victim. Eat healthily and get enough sleep. Attend some physical fitness classes to stay on top of your physical health. Have some fun, spend time with friends, read interesting books, and don’t overthink the incident.

Do not involve the kids.

As much as you can, keep the kids out of the situation. Do not tell them anything about it and only talk to them about what they need to know. Never try to make them take sides in your disagreements or try to influence them against your partner. 

It is between you and your partner, and not the whole family. Even if things do not work out and you are unable to cope up with your unfaithful partner, do not shed critical information to your children about the incident if it will affect them.

Do not hold anyone accountable.

Even your partner knows what exactly happened unless they are a narcissist. There is no need to remind them or blame them for what happened continually. The fact they are not talking about but it does not mean they do not feel the guilt. They also want to forget the incident and move on happily. Support them in this and never bring the issue during any kind of arguments.

Besides, blaming yourself for what happened will just lower your self-esteem. Your partner’s cheating act was not about you. It’s all about them. 

Get professional counseling

The pain of a partner’s infidelity can get so much that you are unable to cope up with it. When the pain gets too much, the feelings of anger and the urge for revenge or ending everything could get high. It is wise to seek professional counseling who will walk you through the recovery process and give you directions on how to cope up.

Expert counseling will help you process your feelings and how to face them without causing further harm.


Infidelity is one of the toughest hurdles for any relationship or marriage. But it does not mean it is the end of your relationship. Most people still prefer staying with their partner even after they have cheated on them. 

These tips will help you cope with an unfaithful partner and rebuild your relationship from the ground up once more.

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