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8 Good Reasons to end the affair

end the affair

However much they may look great and tempting, there are good reasons why you should end the affair. You may have your reasons for getting tempted by the fruit of another.

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Maybe you are facing issues with your partner or are just overwhelmed by the spirit of exploration. But the consequences of an affair, whether you are caught or not, are severe than what you may be able to bear. This is a good reason to end the affair if you are in one. However, you can rekindle the fading intimacy with your better half and rebuild a healthy relationship together.

end the affair
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Cheating is a two-edged sword; it may affect you more than your partner. Put it plainly and ask yourself where you think your affair is leading you. You will realize you do not even have plans for your affair partner since you have already made your vows with someone else. If you still think you can continue with the affair, here are some reasons why you should end it today.

Emotional decisions are never our best decisions.

Emotional decisions are never our best decisions. For instance, looking back at any decisions you have ever made out of emotions is one you would go back to again. When you are lost in emotions, the chances are that you will be irrational in your decisions. You cannot make the right decisions in this state, and worse, you may make more mistakes.

No one can deny the strength of emotions experienced in an affair. Even the wisest, highly respected, and grown people have done insane things out of emotions.

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In most affairs, people are trapped in feelings that exceed normal emotional states. Such emotions can interfere with their decision-making abilities. Wrong decisions not only affect your life but significantly impact the lives of those connected to you.

You will stunt your growth.

In a marriage set up, it is where you stand to gain or lose the most. It gives you a chance to grow your love capacity and be loved in return. An affair may make you feel appreciated, adored, and accommodated; however, getting your need met through an affair will not produce a successful long-term relationship.

It is not an affair but just an illusion based on what the person makes you feel rather than what you genuinely feel about them.

Growth always comes by embracing difficult situations and not by evading them. Always have the courage and inner strength to face them.

Doing the wrong thing devastates your self-esteem.

When you are devastating other people’s lives, your sense of self is diminished. Rarely can good people keep on doing the wrong thing. If you were a good person before the affair, the only thing you can do is end the affair and be a good person again.

Good people choose not to act on lustful thoughts and end up getting help before lust gets the best of them.

Affairs do not solve the underlying problem in your relationship.

The grass is never greener on the other side but only where it is watered. The belief that finding a better person will cure your misery is just an indicator of a deluded victim’s thought.

Your partner reveals a problem in you and removes the illumination of your character defects. Even in the new relationship, they will still illuminate your weaknesses.

Choosing a solution without addressing the root problem is like filling gas in your car when the engine is out of oil. The answer is never an affair, but addressing the actual issue.

No man is an Island.

When you are involved in an affair, you tend to think that your affair partner would be better off if you abandon your marriage. Straying in this direction will only affect your love life and marriage.

An affair breaks your ability to trust, destroys the dreams of your future together, and ends up making decisions you would never have wanted to. No matter how you want to keep the relationship just as it was, it strips you of choices.

An affair not only affects your partner but also has a significant effect on your friends and family. Just consider the misery you will create for those who love you just because of your selfish acts.

It is not genuine love.

Every affair is romanticized and not real love. Romance involves the two parties involved longing to be together but are only separate due to circumstances. Romance involves secrecy and stolen opportunities, which is common in premarital and extra-marital affairs. Romanticized relationships are something beyond and cannot be contained in the set walls of marriage. Like in the major romantic plots like Romeo and Juliet, they are two individuals searching for love fulfilment, longing to be together, but circumstances always pull back their efforts. 

However, when they come together, the curtain falls, and the movie comes to an end. So is a majority of all vast affairs.

It is a trap

In any case, if a person tells you the positive outcome of an affair, it is an outright lie. Although there are some rare cases where affairs may lead to positive outcomes such as marriage, many studies have shown that most of them end in regrets.  

People who rush into affairs get trapped in situations that are hard to get out of them.

Just like in the Fatal Attraction movie, what is enticing at first can become a web that drains your energy and that of those you care for. Just think of how many second marriages end up in divorce compared to first marriages. What could make yours so different?

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

 Treat others the way you would like them to treat you. How would you feel in case you caught your spouse having an affair? Would you stop it sooner or later? Just try to fit in your spouse’s shoes because the longer you drag out of it, the situation worsens.

People almost always “affair down.”

Rarely can individuals having an affair claim to have “affaired up” in that they ended with a better person. It may seem like the best decision at the time, but choices always have consequences, and in this case, it is still a step-down.

You may be debating why you should end your affair right now. But there are no good reasons to keep it going in the first place. There are very slim chances of having a future with your affair partner. Besides, when your secret is revealed, you are not the only person who will suffer. Your partner, family, and people close to you will also be affected by your infidelity. 

The effects of infidelity are too severe that you may find it tough to forgive yourself. There are even more good reasons to end the affair, it’s a matter of choosing between right and wrong.

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