10 Social Media Cheating Habits Of Cheaters

While many people only consider physical romance acts as cheating, it is more than that. A breach of trust could be anything from emotional acts of unfaithfulness. Studies have revealed that social media is one of the major causes of divorce in the digital world. Social media cheating habits can easily be observed from your partner if they are committing it.

Even if some social media habits such as flirting are not among what is considered cheating, they are still the breeding grounds for what you fear most; physical cheating.

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In one way or another, these habits will trigger anyone to commit infidelity if they find a chance. When you notice these social media habits in your partner, you should be worried about them. It could be a sign that they are cheating on you.

Fake profiles

Social media cheating habits
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People create fake online profiles for different purposes. It could be for the sake of online trolling or even cheating. If your partner has a fake social media profile, the chances are that they are using it for some reason. Cheating could be one of them.

They are always chatting with strangers.

Social media cheating habits

It’s only natural that partners will often know or meet each other’s friends and make them their friends too. If you find your partner’s name keeps popping up in strangers’ comments every time you go through their social media, you should be watchful.

Your partner will not engage so much with a stranger and not tell you about them if you don’t know them. The reason they want to keep it a secret is best known to them.

The best way to deal with such a situation is to confront them and tell them how you feel, whether insecure or confused. If they have no intentions about cheating on you with them, they will have genuine reasons for their conversion.

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One strange name keeps popping.

It does not harm if your partner likes a person’s comments or posts on social media. But if you take a closer look at it and find out that this has been their routine? And maybe exchanging the favor to each other for quite some time, there must be a hidden agenda behind their actions.

You may see a pattern of a particular stranger liking and commenting on your partner’s posts and vice versa. Worse, you may find them flirting on private messages. This may be rare as cheaters do not leave their tracks.

Do not make a mistake of ignoring this sign, especially when your guts are talking to you. Find a way to approach them calmly and speak to them about it.

They stop posting your photos as a couple.

If you used to post a couple of photos occasionally on social media and suddenly stops, or your partner gives excuses when you ask them to post one, this could be a red flag.

It could mean they want to be seen as single by someone they are pursuing. Not posting photos as you used to or deleting them could mean they are trying to create an online image that is far from reality on the ground.

They keep smiling on their phone.

Your partner may be laughing at several hilarious media posts on social media apps such as Tiktok. So if you see them laughing, it does not always mean they are cheating. 

But if you notice them being careful with their phone around you, trying to keep it away from you, and chatting late at night while smiling at it, take note.

Flirting brings top creativity in an individual. This makes their chatting more fun and enjoyable. Your partner could just be enjoying just that. 

It’s better to try and find out before things fall out of hand.

If they are hiding their phone from you, ask them why. Ask them more questions that you feel will make you better if answered.

They are sending pictures.

What’s the need for your partner to send pictures to people you don’t know? If you notice this with your partner, they may have been cheating on you through social media for a long time before getting here.

There is only one reason why they could be exchanging photos with strangers; they want to see them. 

Sharing pictures should be off-limits in any monogamous relationship.

Sexy emojis in their chat history

This has been common with WhatsApp and other social media platforms. When you look at the recent emojis used, even when the chats are deleted and find out sexy emojis in their history, they may have used them while flirting.

They may have used them while chatting with you, but are they more recent than your chats? You should know how to check this before approaching them.

They delete their search history.

A cheating partner will erase their search history on whom they have been looking up. There is no need to worry if it happens once in a while. But if you notice this trend for a long time, you should begin to worry. Your partner may be erasing their search history on social media because they want to keep some things away from you. Otherwise, if they have nothing to hide, they won’t erase anything.

They are continually complimenting others’ appearance.

Anytime you read their comments on any post, they are complementing people’s appearance. When your partner is continually leaving such comments on people’s photos, you should be wary. 

They have protected their phones with passwords.

If you are just two of you, or with the kids in the house, there is no reason why your partner should have passwords and patterns on their phone. As controversial as it may seem, it raises questions on their trust in you. Another reason is that they want to hide something from you, especially when they used to leave their phone open freely.


These are just some of the social cheating media habits that could mean your partner is cheating on you. There are several ways you can notice whether they are healing. However, all of them do not necessarily mean they are having an affair outside the relationship. They could be having some genuine reasons why they are doing it. So, best approach them and talk to them to find out the real truth.

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