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What To Do When Your Spouse Is Spying On You

spouse spying on you

Your spouse is spying on you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on what you can do to stop them.

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When you walk down the aisle, just like most people, you envision a “happily ever after.” You look into the bright future and the promises it has to offer. Unfortunately, the road is always long and windy, full of issues and mistrust. Your marriage becomes strained and one spouse, or both, start straying away from the promises. As a result, mistrust gets in the relationship. 

When this occurs, and with reasonable grounds of proving the misconduct suspected, you may often be tempted to spy on your partner. You’re not alone. There has been a 46% increase in the demand for spying apps in 2021. smart technology seems to be growing day by day. The most advanced technology only requires installing spyware on your phone or computer, and hiding the icons and hiding the icons so that you don’t even see the strange app installed in your device.

With such high technology, you may be a victim of being spied on by your partner. So, what should you do when you think your spouse is spying on you? Let’s find out!

Why are they spying on you?

There are several reasons why your spouse may decide to spy on you.

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  • Your spouse may decide to spy on you when they feel you might be using drugs, drinking, or spending your time with people they think can hurt your relationship, such as your ex.
  • They can also spy on you if they think you are secretly spending money invested together. This is especially when you are just wasting on purchasing extravagant and less needed things behind your back.
  • A spouse, when suspecting you are lying about your schedule, whether you are attending those classes or going to work. In short, they can spy on you if they think you are cheating. This is the most common reason. They can spy on you to look for evidence of an affair.
  • Some are just insecure, and spying on you is the safest way to ensure that you are not cheating on them.
  • In case they are planning to divorce you, they may be spying on you to get evidence against you in the divorce case.

If you are cheating on your spouse, then you may be leaving clues everywhere they can access. Your phone conversations, email, browsing history, unexplained spending, and so much more. 

How to tell whether your spouse is spying on you

Let’s first see the ways your spouse can use to spy on you.

  • Email monitoring, phone calls and messages
  • Social media use
  • Car tracking using GPS
  • Watching you via video surveillance
  • Using a private investigator
  • Personally following you

How to tell you are being spied on email and phone

spouse is spying on you

When it comes to this method, your spouse does not necessarily need software or any gadget to spy on you. Even just checking on your email and phone when they have the opportunity is enough to get some leads.

You may lock your phone and hide your logins from them, but if they can guess the passwords right, they can remotely monitor your emails and chats that can be found online.

When using your computer, your partner can install software that allows them to track every key entered, including passwords and personal details. 

How do you detect you have such software on your computer? Anti-virus programs such as Norton can help you detect or block spyware installation in your computer.

Phone monitoring

Spyware apps such as Phonesheriif INVESTIGATOR allow your partner to view your messages, calls, location, contacts, images, and other information stored in your phone.

How does this work? The spyware intercepts your iCloud backups. The solution is always to change your iCloud password to deny them access.

Landline Monitoring and Bugging

Sometimes, the spy can have extra resources to bug your house or office during their quest. These signs might indicate that you have been bugged:

  • You hear strange sounds or volume change on your phone
  • You can hear strange sounds on your phone after hanging up
  • Your TV or radio develops an interface
  • Your electrical wall plates seem out of position

Although you may think your spouse is romantic by giving you gifts such as a clock, and CD player, you should be more careful, especially when you think they can be spying on you. Even soft gifts such as teddy bears can be equipped with surveillance devices.

Following you

How do you tell you are being followed, either by your spouse or a private investigator? 

  • Beware of your surroundings, the people nearby and the cars that pass by. Avoid listening to music or staring on your phone while on the streets.
  • If you are driving and believe that the car behind is following you, slow down. If they also slow down instead of passing you, that may be the spy.
  • If you are walking and feel someone is following you, stop and pretend you are taking a selfie. Not the person behind you. Are they also stopping or passing, minding their own business?

What to do if you think your spouse is spying on you

You can decide to be open and transparent and admit the wrongs that you think might be why they are spying on you. Seek forgiveness and repair the damage caused.

If you have not done anything wrong, offer to share passwords and be open with your phone and always let them have a look when they want to. There’s nothing you are hiding, so don’t act like you are hiding something from them.

Seek couple therapy and explore why they decided to spy on you instead of confronting you to find out the truth.

One other option is to make it even harder for them to find out anything until they quit trying to spy on you. For instance, change all your passwords, use anti-spyware software to detect and remove the installed software, and have your office and house cleaned for bugs.

If you feel your spouse has broken or violated your privacy, especially when their spying may pose a danger to you or others, you can seek justice through court.

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