What Is A Serial Dater? – How To Avoid Them

A serial dater and a serial cheater are both very similar in the fact they are both deceptive, manipulative and seeking affection from multiple people. A serial dater is a cheater, in the fact they lead you to believe they only want to date you but they are already planning the next person to be dating and they might even already be sleeping with and dating someone else before they let you go. Don’t end up with a serial dater when you think you are with someone who might be “the one”. Let’s look at some key points to look out for so you can avoid being with a serial dater.

Avoids Meaningful Conversation

A serial dater will lead you on by making you think they want a long term relationship but they are only with you for some fun date nights and a quick hookup. They will not communicate any commitments or promises and leave you assuming they are only dating you. This allows them an easy exit or a good excuse if they get caught dating someone else, “we never agreed to date only each other”.

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Wont Take It Slow

A serial dater has no need to take it slow, they are on the prowl and want to get the most out of a quick few dates. They may say “I don’t normally feel this way so fast but I really like you”, “I feel as though I’ve met you somewhere before, it all feels safe and familiar”. This trickster is only saying this for the rush and to get you to move faster with them, it feels too good to be true it just might be. As a way to get to know them better ask to meet some of their friends first, if they are hesitant with no good excuse they might just be a serial dater.

Always The One To Leave Their Ex

This one might take some more time to find out about, its not like you are going to ask them about their ex’s on the first couple dates or who broke up with who. If it does come up naturally, or after a few weeks of dating ask the question. Who broke up with who in the last few relationships and why? If they were the ones to leave their ex’s it might be a recurring theme for them and could happen quickly with you. They could be going through commitment issues, lack of problem-solving abilities or always expecting more from their partners.

Want To Get Physical Quickly

A serial dater loves the high of the first few dates. Its a rush to touch someone on the shoulder gently the very first time and see how the other person reacts to it. This is a normal move after the first date but if they are touching on the first date to see how you respond to it or if they are showing signs of wanting intimacy on the first date, look out. Even if you are attracted to your date, if your looking for a long term relationship you will be able to hold back and just see how you two connect. A serial dater does not want to wait for anything.

No Social Media Contact

If you ask a serial dater for their Facebook account they will tell you right away they don’t have one. If you met them on a dating app, that’s likely a lie. Serial daters will want to keep you off their friends list online so you don’t see who they know and anyone else they dated. They want to avoid you attempting to learn the truth that they date random people all the time. If you’re interested in your date but don’t trust them try running a background check and see if the things they told you about their life are true or not. If what they said doesn’t match the background check, they could be lying about anything.

 Keeps Changing Plans

If your date keeps changing plans on you last minute, this is not a good sign. Yes, there might be a valid reason one or two times but if you notice they have been making big promises and under-delivering its a red flag. A serial dater might already have a few dates on the go, whichever date seems most promising for a thrill is the one they will go for. They might book a few dates at the same time and then just pick the one they like the most at the last minute. Be wary of anyone who makes plans and cancels at the last minute. Any more than once is your own fault for sticking around too long.

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They Wont Introduce You

Were you on a date with them? Then they bumped into someone they knew, they quickly said “Hi, nice to see you, talk later” They didn’t even introduce you, you had to stand there and feel awkward like a third wheel. Well, a serial dater will never introduce one of their random dates. This keeps them unaffected in their personal life, especially if you might be their affair and they want to keep it secret. If it happens once, acknowledge it with them and tell them its rude. If it happens again, its time to move along.

-A relationship with a serial dater is like a slow dying death. Eventually, the relationship will end and the serial dater will have gotten what they wanted out of it. You will be left hopeless, in emotional pain and wondering what happened. If you notice any of these traits don’t wait forever to get the job done, leave them NOW!

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