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Ways To Make A Cheating Partner Feel Guilty

make a cheating partner feel guilty

If you discover or suspect that your partner is cheating, you can be confused about how to approach the situation. But one thing you will surely feel is the urge to punish him for breaking the promises and trust that you shared.

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The desire to make them feel guilty becomes stronger and stronger each time you think about the incident. Using ways to make a cheating partner feel guilty can be a good way to revive your relationship. It can motivate your partner back to make the right decisions.

If you believe that this could be an easy way to save your relationship, then here are a few ways you can try out today and see if they work out.

Ask yourself why you are doing it.

make a cheating partner feel guilty
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The first thing is to know whether your actions will make you gain anything in the relationship. Are you looking just to revenge and punish them? Or it will make them a better person who would stop at nothing but strive to change.

You should understand that this strategy can just be used temporarily and to bring positive results. If you overdo it, it can harm both parties.

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To make things easier for both of you, if you plan to end the relationship, there’s no need to revenge against them. It doesn’t make you grow as a person and reveal your other personality that you won’t like being defined with.

Gauge His Emotions

make a cheating partner feel guilty

Now that you want to make your cheating partner guilty for a positive result, you can begin by gauging their emotions. How do you do this?

Have deep communication with them. This helps them feel the effects of their affair. While discussing such topics with them, let them know the pain they caused you and how you hated being betrayed by them. This automatically triggers guilt and feeling sorry.

Reduce the contact at home

end the affair

The no-contact rule has been popular for a good reason. It works on several occasions. But how do you do it if you live with your cheating partner? In this situation, you don’t have to lock yourself in a room and avoid them altogether.  You just have to give them a sign that things are not normal. Make them feel like they have to search within them why you are acting weird. They always know the reason. And they always feel sorry, unless they are unremorseful.

Stop being intimate for a while

Make them work for intimacy. If they want to keep you, they will always try and make things right once again. Just let them know why you can’t be intimate with them until some issues are solved in your relationship. It does wonders.

Try making them jealous.

traits cheaters have in common

If your partner is a hard nut to crack and proving unapologetic, one thing can surely bring them in line. Just make them jealous. Go hang out with another guy and let them know that you are doing it. (just don’t cheat on them also).

It will surely make them jealous and guilty about cheating on you.

Being too good

After exploring the reasons why your partner is cheating on you and still want to win him back, you can do it by just being too good. This is the time to correct everything in your relationship and not give them any reason to cheat. Give them the attention. If that’s why they cheated, be there for them, be intimate.

By doing this, their mind will be torn between you and their affair partner.  Nothing makes a person feel guilty by knowing they are cheating on a good person and with no reason.

Talk about the future more often.

Your partner may be cheating on you because they don’t want to end the relationship. Although they are getting a lot of excitement and energy with their affair partner, they still know your worth. That’s why they are not ready to leave you for them. 

If you begin talking of the future with them, they get more confused about the situation they have put themselves in. You will likely put enough pressure on them to make a decision. 

Things You Should Not Do

While you may be determined to see your partner feeling guilty and responsible for cheating on you, you have to draw a line and avoid actions that may hurt them. Here is how you can avoid messing up your strategy to bring them back to their senses.

Do not be reckless

Anger and pain can easily blind your actions and become so in need to make them feel what you felt. However, for any positive outcome in your strategy, you have to be rational in your approach.

Don’t destroy their life.

Try not to affect their life. There’s no need to call their employer and expose every wrong turn in their career. Remember, it’s their source of livelihood. What if you destroy it and things work out between both of you? You will surely live to regret it.

Do not cheat back

Should you cheat on a partner who cheated on you? Absolutely no. There are so many reasons why this is always a wrong move that you should avoid. It just lowers you to their level. Maintain your dignity and don’t lose your personality trying to get revenge.

Many people who have taken this route reported getting hurt more by their actions than how they affected their partner.


While you can easily make a cheater feel guilty using many different ways, you should only do this if you expect to have a positive outcome from your partner. This strategy has revived many relationships but there have been exceptions. Always remember to keep things in control and don’t over do anything. If it doesn’t work, you should try out other ways such as communicating your feelings towards them and seeking services from a relationship therapist.

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