7 Warning Signs Your Man Might Start Cheating

Men have typical routines, when these routines start to be out of character and your inner woman wisdom tells you that your man might start cheating its time to take action. Let’s look at these 7 warning signs to keep an affair out of the relationship.

1.Tinkering In The Garage More Than Usual

Your man might be a hands-on kinda guy who is frequently working in the garage, this could be a great hobby. If you notice your man is in the garage a lot more than usual and they are not working on an important project this could be a warning sign your man might start cheating. This is an example of your man showing signs they are bored in the relationship. A man who is bored in the relationship is more likely to cheat if given the opportunity. Try sprucing things up with your partner, going on date nights or join them in the garage with some beers and ask if they want some help.

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2.Phone Obsessed

Have you noticed they are diving into their phone more often? Your man might start cheating if they are constantly trying to avoid certain relationship issues. Smartphones are a great distraction from reality but if it becomes the main resource for avoiding problems this could be a real problem. Smartphones have the potential to reduce the feel-good hormone from relationships and bring the feel-good into the phone. If they met someone online or in public they would get a new spike of feel-good hormones and would attribute it to this new person, which could lead to an affair. The truth is that it’s just their hormones spiking and dropping and not a real connection with a new lover.

3. Sudden Appearance Changes

Unless your partner is already a fashion icon or has been steady with keeping their attire up to date they will generally keep their clothing style the same. If there are sudden changes in their attire they could be doing this attract a new mate, often style changes will go along with attempting to change other physical attributes. Either working out at the gym to gain muscle or lose weight, hairstyle changes or buying a flashy new car. Unless your partner is talking with you about making these changes together this is could be a warning sign your man might start cheating.

4. Changes In Sex Life

If your partner and you are no longer having intimacy and you know that their sex drive is still very active, they are going to want to express that somewhere. If your partner has begun to lose interest or is asking to experiment with some new ideas in bed, try to keep your mind open. As long as its safe and consensual it might help prevent cheating. The bottom line, men who lose interest look elsewhere and men who want to try new things that are fun and safe to them will want a partner who they feel comfortable talking about it with.

5. Spacing Out

Your man might start cheating if you catch them periodically spacing out when it’s not appropriate. Are you in the middle of a conversation and they space out? They might be thinking about something or maybe someone else, let’s catch this before it gets serious. Ask them what’s on their mind and if they want something new in the relationship with you. Spacing out is a defensive mechanism, that they are using to create change without actually creating change. Unless they are exhausted from work, have a new overwhelming task or a problem in the family then spacing out is not healthy in a relationship and can be a warning sign to future cheating.

6. Starts Hiding Financial Transactions

If your partner has started hiding financial transactions, they might be thinking of lining up some dates by using paid dating sites or social media platforms to meet new people and keep the transactions secret. If you find out they opened a new bank account but want to keep it private and it seems unreasonable to be private you might want to ask for more details. It doesn’t mean they are already cheating online but it is up for speculation.

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7. Lying

Small lies don’t always add up to a big lie like cheating, but if you ever catch them in a big lie that doesn’t make sense why they would say it, it’s possible they have the potential for lying about cheating. A big lier might start lying ahead of time, perhaps telling you that their work just increased and they are concerned it might mean working late hours. This lie is in preparation for meeting new people either at the workplace or going out to meet new people. A liar in a relationship makes you at risk for having your partner lie about anything. If you catch them frequently lying, deal with it quickly by dumping them.

-A rocky relationship leaves either partner more susceptible to cheating or being cheated on. These warning signs that your man might start cheating are just signs, it doesn’t mean they are cheating right now. Being aware of these signs can help give you the signal that its time to reconstruct your relationship or move onto another one.

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