Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

It doesn’t matter how long you have been together with your significant other. Taking your love to the next stage (marriage) must never be taken lightly. Whether you love your partner unconditionally and you feel like it’s time to tie the knot, you must understand that marriage requires sacrifice and too much effort than the relationship you currently share. 

So, how do you know you are ready for marriage? Are there any signs that can show you the way? To boost your confidence before walking down the aisle and saying “Yes, I do,” here are some signs that can indicate you are ready for marriage.

You can keep something alive.

ready for marriage

Whether it is just a plant or a pet, some levels of dedication are required to keep them alive and nature them. The feeding involved and spending your time to take care of a plant, or a pet can show the commitment both of you are ready to give. So, if both of you have a project to nature something together and commit to the project entirely, it can indicate that you are also ready to commit for the long term.

You are both good at budgeting.

ready for marriage

Money is one of the crucial topics discussed in marriage. Many couples have struggled to be financially disciplined, which has been among the leading causes of marriage disputes and disagreements. If one or both of you can’t have the financial discipline and struggle with budgeting, you will undoubtedly face issues in your marriage. You better sort things out first and start learning about saving and other financial goals in your relationship.

If both of you can be able to budget as an individual and as a couple, then you might just be ready for marriage. Financial discipline can help you focus on catering to your partner and your needs without having issues and arguments. Whether you are saving to buy a new home, go on a trip, or for your kids’ education, being on the same page is the most important financial goal to achieve in marriage.

You have been together for so long.

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Spending time with your partner can help you make or break your relationship. By being close to each other, you get used to them, and it can even become boring since nothing new comes out of your partner when you already know everything about them. But if you can keep the passion and love for them even during this time, it’s a good sign that you can stay together. Most relationships break when things become boring, and you want to experience the excitement with one another. 

But if you stay for long with someone and already know how to keep your love and work out things with them, it can be easier to get into marriage with them.

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The kids talk

If you have had the kids talk during your relationship, regardless of whether you want them or not, then it can show that you are willing and ready to move to the next step. Having such talks ensures you are on the same page together when it comes to having children in your marriage. Having children in marriage requires a lot of commitment, and you have to ensure you are ready to take the massive leap into parenthood. 

You’ve taken care of each other.

Being able to take care of each other in sickness and need is what marriage is all about. It not only means that you are taking care of them but also shows you are ready to let them into your life in the first place. By letting your partner take care of you in sickness, you have trusted them with your life and the best person to be beside you when in need. With such trust, you will build a healthy relationship going into marriage.

You know their secrets.

Relationships and marriage are all about letting someone in your life and letting them know every bit of yourself. While that can come with every secret you share, it can also extend to knowing what your partner had before meeting them. No healthy relationship has one partner blinded by the other’s secrets.  Honesty and being open to your partner can show you are free with them and can share anything without worrying about their reaction. 

You both want to get married.

While you are wondering whether you are ready for marriage, have you thought about your partner? Are they also prepared to get into marriage? Making sure your partner also wants and is ready to walk down the aisle can simplify things for you. Ask them whether they are ready to move into marriage or how long can they wait so that you can have an idea.

You can’t live without them.

At the end of the day, your partner has to be someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. They have to be someone you can’t imagine your life without them. 

Although most of the time, we are blindfolded by the love we share and ignore the red flags, being so cautious and knowing what crucial topics every couple should discuss before getting married can be the deal-breaker. Analyze everything from their good and bad qualities and see whether you can do without them or your lives depend on each other.


Marriage is not a bed of roses. Do not make the mistake of hurriedly moving into it when you’re not sure. Knowing the signs you’re ready for marriage can be crucial to making the right decision when thinking of the right time to walk down the aisle.

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