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Caution Signs You Are Quarantined With A Cheater

quarantined with a cheater

Quarantine can change us and cause people to do all types of strange things. Being quarantined with a cheater will be easy to spot with a few of these helpful tips. If you do catch a cheater, just because you are quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t end the relationship. Boredom is no excuse to run around on your significant other. If you think your partner may be cheating, don’t shy away from the issue just because you are stuck in the house. Use these key signs to determine whether your partner is cheating or not.

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Is your lover always suggesting they do the grocery run? Do your vehicles constantly need cleaned and fueled up? Is this out of routine for them and they typically expect you to do all the shopping? This could be one of the signs you are quarantined with a cheater. Visits out to see their lover can easily be passed off as a trip to the store. You could check their Google location tracker history in their cell phone. This will show you their exact locations and if it’s not to the gas bar or grocery store they said they went to, they have some serious explaining to do. Call them while they are at the store to add to that grocery list, you should be able to hear the bustle of the store in the background.


If you live in an urban area chances are that you have some friendly neighbors you like to chat with once in a while. These friendly chats can very quickly become relationships that are too close for comfort. What starts as friendly waves while you get the mail can quickly turn into late-night trips across the lawn. Now, more than ever, people are stuck in the house, bored and need something new and exciting. If you find your loved one wandering to the neighbors without you or at unusual times, you may want to bring up your concerns. If it is harmless, perhaps they can put your mind at ease by inviting you to come along next time. It is great to build a community and strengthen the bond with those around you. But ask yourself, how close is too close?


Often times we end up in living situations that are not ideal due to our financial situation. The recent events have caused many people to lose their jobs and in turn, you and your partner may have decided to rent out a room to gain a little extra income. Either way, profile the person you think they could be cheating with, take a step back and look at the relationship your partner has with the people you live with or even people in the same building as you. A sneaky trip to the neighbor they have been close with might be for the wrong kind of comfort.


The loss of a job can cause an emotional strain on a relationship and cause a lot of issues. This strain can cause our lovers to seek attention or comfort from someone else. They can be left feeling like they have to do all of the chores themselves, perhaps watch the kids all day and deal with the boredom that strikes after they have binged watched every Netflix series. This stress and boredom can be a detriment to a relationship and oftentimes, people who have never thought of cheating before all of a sudden have the time to fantasize about what it would be like. This could leave you quarantined with a cheater.

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While they may not have the guts to sneak away and cheat in person, you could be quarantined with a cheater who is going online for some action. If they are staying up late on the computer or scroll their phone for hours they might actually be chatting online or watching paid live chats. Check the computer history they may have forgotten to delete. If their phone has recently become secretive that you may want to ask them if they are looking somewhere else for a sexual release or if their needs are being met. If they react unreasonably that is a sign of a cheater and you might want to consider using a spy phone app to see what they have been up to.

-If you find out you are quarantined with a cheater this could leave you with some big questions. Even though it may leave you alone at home, don’t let this stop you from the breakup and moving on. If you stay in an unhealthy relationship, the home would constantly be tense and stressful. Quarantine is already a stressful time on its own. Loving yourself is more important than being stuck living quarantined with a cheater. As always, remember communication is the beginning stage to prevent cheating and to find out if they currently are. Ask questions, express your needs and ask them for theirs. Quarantine is boring, quarantined with a cheater is heartbreaking.

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