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9 Signs Your Partner Is Still In Love With Their Ex

still in love with their ex

Moving straight from one relationship to another without having some time to heal is the most unfair thing you can do to yourself and your new partner. With feelings of betrayal, hurt, and despair still running high, settling into a new relationship can be challenging. But worst of all, being in a relationship with someone who has not moved on from their ex is the most devastating love story you can ever experience. Do you feel your partner has not moved on and may still be in love with their ex?  If you want to find out the truth, here are some signs that can give you a hint whether they are still in love with their ex.

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They still keep their photos and gifts.

still in love with their ex
Source: Psychology Today

Does your partner still have the gifts and keep their ex’s photos in their gallery? Do they still cling to things they shared with their ex? These are signs your partner may be emotionally attracted to their ex. They still consider the gifts as their prized possession and hold them with passion. If you find your partner keeping such possessions, you should plan and have an honest conversation.

They still compare you with them.

still in love with their ex

“My ex could have done it this way” kind of comparisons clearly show they still remember them and are still considering them to be better in some situations. Does the name of their ex keep popping up in your conversations? In most cases, if your partner is still in love with their ex, they will compare your personality, fashion, and habits with their ex.  You can argue who doesn’t talk of their ex. While you may be right that no one can completely wipe away the thoughts of their ex, talking more often about them clearly indicates they are still not over them. In fact, if your partner makes it routine, it can be a red flag that you should address before you get hurt.

Where you go for dates

If your partner prefers hanging out and going for dates in places they used to go with their ex, they may just be doing it to remember their ex.  They are just following the same patterns to keep the old memories alive. They might have changed the person they are going out with, and now you are going with them. However, why can they switch to a new restaurant or hang out in a different place? Because they don’t want to lose the sweet moments they shared while together.

They still want to be friends.

Can you still be friends with your ex when you are in a new relationship? Yes. It’s okay to be friends with your ex even after moving on, but it’s a bad idea for several reasons. In most situations, those who stay friends with their ex find it hard to heal from their past relationship and even cheat on their partners.  

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Although your partner can stay friends with their ex, if they see each other more often, you should have all the reasons to worry. 

They are still cordial with their ex’s family members.

It’s always nice to be polite with family members of your ex. However, after breaking up with them, attending their family gatherings to connect with them is weird. It can be an indicator that both of you are not yet done and can get things back rolling. If your partner wants to keep the connection with their ex’s family, they may be doing it for a reason, which may not be favorable to you.  Ask them why they want to attend such events and remain friends with people they no longer share anything in common. 

Social Media 

You open your partner’s social media accounts and find unusual emojis and complementing comments from their ex. Sometimes, you also note that your partner is making an effort to keep in touch with them and always curious about what their ex is up to.  There’s no need to emphasize they are still in love with their ex if they are in constant communication on social media and other channels.

They haven’t introduced you to their friends or family

If your partner has not yet introduced you to their friends or family, there could only be one reason; they are not ready to introduce a new person that their friends and family do not know about. We don’t mean after just two months of dating; that’s understandable. But if they don’t do it in a year or more, there could be something going on. 

Yes. Your partner is either afraid to commit or is still not yet sure about introducing another person to their loved one when they think anything could go wrong again in your relationship. Worse still, they may be keeping the door open to get back to their ex and just don’t want to introduce you as their new partner.

If they are not ready to introduce you, it could mean they are not prepared to replace their ex yet. And that you are just a backup.

They talk about their ex when in bed.

A bed is somewhere partners share their intimate moments and needs to be kept between the two of you. But in the process of being physically intimate with your partner and out of the blue, they mention things about their ex; it ruins everything for you. The pain of loving someone whose mind is somewhere else is incomparable.  If this happens to you, you should either sit them down and have a candid talk about it or just let them go where their heart is. They will find it hard to love you.

They listen to emotional songs that makes them remember their ex

still in love with their ex

Whether these emotional songs are making them curse with hatred and pain shows how emotionally attached they are to their partner. Music says many things about someone’s state of mind. If they keep listening to such songs, it could be a good sign they are still in love with their ex.


No one deserves to go through the pain of loving someone whose heart is somewhere else. That’s not how love is supposed to be. If your partner is doing any of these things, you need to talk about them on how they can move on and do away with betrayal trauma.

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