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Should You Give Your Partner A Second Chance?

When everything is working well in your relationship, you tend to think that you have found the love of your life. You don’t even see the possibilities of anything going wrong. 

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But this is not always the case in most relationships. The person you really trust can cheat on you at the very first time they see a “greener side.”

This leaves you with a lot of questions. Why did they cheat on you, yet your relationship seemed so perfect? Do you give them a second chance or move on with your life? 

Continue reading to determine what can make you give your partner a second chance or move on instead.

When Should You Give Your Partner A Second Chance?

When you both agree to work on the existing problems

give your partner a second chance
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It can be easier to save your relationship when your cheating spouse agrees to work with you. This is always a huge milestone in healing after a cheating incident. Most of the time, a cheating partner may find it hard to agree to work with you, especially if they cheated to force a breakup.

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But if they are willing to stay in the relationship, you must have a common ground to resolve your relationship’s deeper issues.

Although you may still be filled with mistrust and doubt, you can easily get through this by talking to your partner and ask them to help you get over it.

When it was a rare mistake

If your partner has never cheated on you in the past, and you find this being an anomaly, then you should try giving them a second chance. 

Everyone makes that wrong step. Your partner may have just succumbed to temptations and made a huge mistake too. 

But after cheating, and they genuinely show remorse and willingness to correct their mistakes and try to work things out again, consider giving them the opportunity.

Not all relationships end after cheating. Some even come out stronger than before.

When you have invested too much in the relationship

If you are in a long-term relationship, the chances are that both of you have invested a lot in it. If you have children, breaking up will severely affect them. No one wants to see the consequences of a person’s mistake extending to other people they love. In fact, a breakup in this situation will affect your children more than it will affect your partner. 

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When both of you have invested a lot in your relationship, it can be hard to separate. Compare the investment you are putting at risk and the severity of the mistake before making a decision.

When they take responsibility and seek forgiveness

give your partner a second chance

There is hope ahead if your partner shows true remorse after they have cheated. If they recognize they did you wrong and take responsibility for their actions, then you might just consider staying with them again. They also have to show the willingness to change for good and show signs they will never cheat again. 

But before all these, your partner needs to genuinely ask for forgiveness for hurting you. It helps with your healing and strengthening your relationship afterward.

But if they show no remorse, haven’t asked for forgiveness, or unwilling to take responsibility, you should be concerned about their commitment and give your relationship a second thought.

When you truly want to give them the second chance

It all comes down to you. Do you really want to give your partner a second chance? Ensure you have a clear answer before you do anything else. If it’s No, then just move on. You may be having your valid reasons.

When You Shouldn’t Give Them A Second Chance

When you don’t trust them anymore

Trust is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. Saving your relationship after infidelity can be hard if you no longer trust your partner. You will always feel hurt and always doubt their moves. Sure, you want to imagine living in such a relationship for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s better to stay away from them in such a situation.

You are just avoiding being alone.

If you are taking your partner back just because you are afraid of being alone, you might be making the wrong choice. It’s better to be alone as you wait to heal and find someone better than to be in an unhealthy relationship.

A toxic relationship can ruin your life. Your emotional health is so important and you should never risk it just because you fear being alone.

If you know you’re going to struggle to be alone, try to spend most of the time with your friends and people that will bring a smile to your face. But don’t give your partner a second chance just for this reason.

He’s the same person who cheated

Unless your partner is willing to accept their mistake and show true remorse, the possibility of them changing in a very short time is minimal. Most people keep their character even after committing mistakes. They just hide it for sometime before they reveal it again. If you have reasons to believe they have not changed, then a second chance may not be worth it. It’s just a matter of time before they go back to their old ways.

If you stay, you may be risking your health.

Whoever your partner is sleeping with behind your back cannot just be trusted. The sexual relationships should just be for two.

Your partner may likely cheat again. But this time, they will perfectly cover their tracks so that you don’t find them. 

Do not risk your health chasing after a cheating partner.


When it comes to giving your partner a second chance after they have cheated on you, there are a lot of things you should put into consideration. Although infidelity hurts and can affect your relationship, sometimes it’s better to forgive them and try to work things out. But in case they just don’t show any sign of changing, better leave them alone and find someone better.

Share your thoughts.

What are the circumstances you can/cannot forgive a cheating partner?

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