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8 Ways To Protect Your Relationship From Intruders

protect your relationship from intruders

Learn how to protect your relationship from intruders, who get in both happy and troubled relationships.

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When your relationship thrives during the first few months, you feel confident that your partner is the one. You spend most of the evenings talking with each other. Everything you do pleases your partner. The romantic moments and intimacy you share seem to be your life’s best moments. You want to dress to impress them, to show them they are on the greener side. 

But when you are doing this with the best intentions to impress your partner, an intruder gets attracted to the qualities they see in you.

 They see the greener side too, and they think about getting a share. 

Intruders also take advantage of failing relationships. Once they discover you are facing relationship issues, they see a chance to attack.  If you are not strong enough, and when you don’t support your relationship’s foundations, you may find yourself falling for the trick. The intruders are so cunning and flirty. They always strive to get what they want, even if it means pretending and being good until then. This is why people cheat even in happy relationships.

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So how do you protect your relationship from intruders? If you are experiencing this problem in your relationship, here are a few tips to help you.

Tips To Protect Your Relationship From Intruders

Avoid close friendships with the opposite sex.

protect your relationship from intruders
Source: Reflect & Refresh

It is simple. Intruders come as friends. This is why you often hear many people say, “s/he is just a friend.” When your partner starts getting worried about your friend of the opposite gender, you should take it seriously. Most often, this “friendship” leads to affairs. And worse, sexual affairs.

 It does not mean that you avoid making new friends. Meeting new people is great. But let them know you are in a relationship. In fact, introduce them to your partner earlier enough before they start making advancements. When talking with them, it is obvious that you avoid some topics and flirting. Let them know the boundary.

Avoid tempting situations

This is so hard but possible. Sometimes we do things thinking we can control and overcome temptations. You cannot refuse that dinner together with a friend. You cannot always refuse to go drinking with friends. But we realize later that the temptation is getting the better of us after putting ourselves in the situation. 

As said earlier, intruders come as friends. If you find it hard to turn down their request for dinner with you, you can approach it strategically. Only meet in public, ask them if they are fine if you come along with some friends. Or just turn them down politely and give your reasons. It’s best to try and avoid the situation altogether.

No secrets

No relationship thrives for long if secrets are kept between partners. The secrets and lies are discovered in the end. Being honest with your partner does not mean that you have to tell them every time you’re thinking about another person. That will hurt them and affect your relationship. Tell them your needs and what you want from them. If you notice any change in their behavior, don’t keep quiet. Talk to them and try to find a solution. Keeping secrets and keeping quiet about your problems and feelings will take your mind outside the relationship. This is when you begin comparing your partner with the intruder. 

Know what counts as cheating in your relationship

What counts as cheating varies from one relationship to another. While some relationship takes sexual encounters as cheating, others treat having a close friendship with the opposite sex as cheating. Discuss with your partner and know what counts as cheating in your relationship. You may be thinking that flirting with others on the phone is not cheating, but your partner gets annoyed with it. Set guidelines that will show you the light and have a leveled playground.

Avoid talking to strangers on social media.

Social media cheating has become so common in the current world. To be on the safer side, do not initiate a conversation with strangers of the opposite gender. But why look for strangers on social media to flirt with them when you are in a committed relationship? You will be digging your own grave if you even respond to them, yet their message gives a hint of their intentions. If you find you are worried when your partner holds your phone, or if you start protecting some social apps with passwords, take a break and ask yourself why you are doing this. In most cases, you are hiding your social media habits that may show you’re cheating.

Leave romance and intimacy in your bedroom.

Although most of us love to talk about bedroom moments with friends, it is important not to share some of the most intimate bedroom moments with anyone. Do not talk to friends about something that could embarrass your partner or even spark your friends’ interest.

Avoid public arguments

Arguing in public in front of family, friends, or strangers is the key to inviting intruders into your relationship. When the intruders are family members, they may even advise you against your partner. But you will suffer the consequences alone. If the intruders are rangers, they will find a chance to try and “be nice” so they can win you. You know your partner better. Sometimes, opinions from intruders are given for their benefit. Avoid fighting and talking about your relationship problems in public. Create some time to communicate openly with each other and solve your issues silently.

Seek healthy advice when you need it

While it is important to keep things between you, you may sometimes find yourself seeking outside wisdom. Just make sure you don’t seek it from those who have an interest in your relationship. Speak to a marriage therapist or a friend you trust they can assist.

Intruders can get in your relationship and destroy it. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a happy relationship or having issues in your relationship. They take advantage of both situations and maximize their chances. If you don’t know how to protect your relationship from intruders, you may face a difficult task to save your relationship. 

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