Learn Your Man’s Secret Fantasy

Have you ever thought about your man’s secret fantasy and you didn’t know for sure what it is? Your man’s secret fantasy is not really so secret if you pay close attention. The psychology of a man cannot help but let out his deepest desire for you. He wants you to know his desire, so it can be fulfilled. However, if you miss the cues and it doesn’t get fulfilled he will be thinking of other ways to fill that sexual void. Is it worrying to you that you are not the only one he’s thinking about? How would it feel to know for certain that your man only obsesses over you? Let’s make sure YOU are your man’s fantasy.

1.How To Inspire Reciprocation

Often people will kiss to get kissed, touch to get touched, offer gifts to receive a thank you. This is something we all do but to learn your man’s secret fantasy you need to hold back and learn “giving back”. Instead of giving to get try practicing giving back, this is a change in paradigm while learning to listen to his cues when he wants attention. Your man’s secret fantasy starts when you learn to stop giving affection just when you want it and instead shift your behaviour so that you respond when he comes to you.  This will spark a new level of intimacy, don’t be surprised when he starts wanting to give you more than ever before.

2.Learn The Language Of Desire

Language of Desire is a book written by Felicity Keith, in the book she shares the key phrases that could be part of your man’s secret fantasy. Here are a few of the key phrases. “You Smell Delicious” – Saying this to a man is a real ego booster, makes them feel proud and loved by you. “I Want You Bad” Men can feel like they want sex more than women, which may not be true but men tend to verbalize their desires more than women. Let him know you want him, it will get him going and make him feel like an alpha.

3.Porn Is Not Love

You may be afraid your man watches porn, but according to psychology, it’s not as bad as you might think (if done in moderation). The worst thing to do would be to make your partner feel embarrassed about it, porn is not cheating and for men, it’s just about releasing stress. Telling a man he cannot do something private on his own that doesn’t hurt anyone around him is just going to push him away. Let him know you can watch porn together. That in moderation it’s not a big deal. He will trust you deeper and is now more likely to come to you for a quick release instead of the computer.

4.Silent Seduction

We know flirting can be fun, cute sayings and erotic tones in the voice. Maybe written letters or notes, sexting or phone calls that include sexual innuendo’s. We often forget about silent seduction aswell, the great benefit from this is that your man needs to tune into what just happened. They have to listen to there gut, intuition and subtle cues. Drawing there attention inward will induce a stronger sexual arousal. A gentle touch on the shoulder that is held longer, a look in their eyes carried by a smile that tells a story, and sometimes just a vibe you carry with you that is tangible, it tells them “I want you”

5.Honesty, Trust, Communication

The secrets to amazing sex are simple yet they take focus. Be honest, then your partner knows for sure when you say you like something they know it’s true. Trust yourself and your partner, so when you explore new tricks in bed you will both feel safe. Communication is vital when you tell your partner what they just did you really like, that way they can keep doing it. Or be able to ask your partner if they liked what you just did, if they say no, then great. Now you know not to keep doing that. Especially if you really want to please them. Also honesty, trust and communication will always avoid cheating in a relationship.

6.Ask For What HE Wants

Always remember the simplicity of just asking for what you want, but more importantly when you want your man’s secret fantasy remember sometimes you can just ask. Asking what they want can come out more subtle than saying “What do you want?” Put some meaning behind your words by letting them know what you enjoy, ask them what have you done before that they really like? Be open in the conversation, entrust to them a sexual secret that you have never told anyone. Then ask them if there is anything they would like they have never done before.

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