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5 Best Private Investigator Tactics To Catch A Cheater

private investigator tactics to catch a cheater

Sometimes your cheating partner can just outsmart you by covering their trails so perfectly. But these private investigator tactics to catch a cheater can help you solve the puzzle. 

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Cheating is painful, and both parties feel its effects. This is why you need to make a move that will give you peace of mind. There is nothing as painful as living, suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, but you just can’t catch them. Most of the time, you don’t even want to bring this topic into your conversations because you have no evidence. 

However, with a bit of help from the private investigator tactics, you can catch the smartest cheater red-handed. Keep reading to find out more.

Stay on the right side of the law.

Before anything else, ensure you are not breaking the law. Most states have laws that protect individual privacy.  Ensure you are not taking any action that violates these privacy laws. Otherwise, if your marriage ends after infidelity, your ex-husband can sue you against your actions.

Always be careful with the tips you find on the internet. Some are illegal and may land you in danger if you are not careful. Things like hacking their phone, social media accounts, email can help you find the proof of an affair, but at what cost? These actions are always against the law. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

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Best private investigator tactics to catch a cheater

Now that you have ensured you are on the right side of the law and aren’t breaking any, you can use these tactics to catch a cheating partner.

Monitor their phone behavior

private investigator tactics to catch a cheater
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The phone is one of the main tools that have facilitated cheating and infidelity in many relationships. Right from communication and flirting, cheaters use it as a tool to continue with their mischief behind your back. 

Usually, when you do not have anything to hide from your partner, you can freely leave your phone on the bed, couch, or table, and you won’t have shivers when they get it and start scrolling. Most relationships begin this way. But when cheating gets into a relationship, this changes. Your partner begins to change passwords and patterns on their phone more frequently. They lock the major communication apps and deny you access.

If you notice them trying to secure their phones from you, there may be something they don’t want you to know. Some red flags include:

  • Keeping their phone under the pillow while sleeping (why can’t he just leave it on the bedside drawer?)
  • They hide or go far to take some calls.
  • You notice they feel uncomfortable when you are with their phone and want to have it back immediately.

Most phones display the phone number or email even when the phone is locked. Try to memorize the details and conduct a search on them. 

Browsing history

Browsing history can be a great tool to prove infidelity if you have legal access to the computer. It can be a family computer where both of you have access to.  Browning history reveals the sites and pages your partner visits and can be a great way to know what they are doing on the internet behind your back. However, with the incognito tab’s introduction, clever cheaters look to be ahead of this hurdle.

But what you can focus on is whether they clear their browsing history. If they have a habit of clearing them more often, then maybe you deserve a reason why.

Listen to your intuition.

private investigator tactics to catch a cheater

Your intuition usually is correct. You just don’t give it enough time to listen. But if you start listening to your gut, what you are feeling often comes to be true.  This is because these feelings don’t come out of nowhere. They often rely on your observations and how your partner has changed. Take note of the unusual changes and listen to what your guts are telling you.

Are they emotionally distant and withdrawn?

If your answer is yes, your partner may be seeing someone else. While a partner’s emotional distancing doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating, sadly, it’s the case most of the time. 

Check at credit card transaction history. If you notice withdrawals from unusual places and happening more often, take note. But most intelligent cheaters always plan ahead of time so that you don’t trace them. So they will perform heavy withdrawals just days before they go into a business meeting or work trip. This way, you may not suspect anything. But try keeping their financial discipline in line and ask them to withdraw just enough for their errands and see whether they can pass the test.

Keep a journal to help you monitor your partner’s trips and unexplained credit card withdrawals.

Be ready for the discovery.

While most people who suspect their partners always yearn to discover their secrets and catch them, they are always not ready for what they will find.  Sometimes, it is not always cheating. Sometimes, your partner may just be hiding an addiction away from you and other people who care about them. So don’t come into the investigation with a fixed mind. 


If your partner is cheating on you, the chances are that they are also trying as much as possible to stay ahead of the game and hide everything from you. And if there are the best private investigator tactics to catch a cheater you can find online, be sure there are tons of articles about cheating successfully.

Therefore, always have an open mind and take your time if you decide to try and catch a cheating partner.

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