How To Avoid An Affair Or End It With A Cheater

Most couples seek therapy after infidelity in their relationship. They seek help after they have strayed. Fixing a relationship after cheating could be very challenging. The feelings of betrayal, anger, and emotional trauma makes it hard to forgive. But it is not impossible to rebuilt trust after cheating. However, why get to this point when you can avoid or end an affair with a cheater? If you are having an affair with a cheater, here is the right thing to do and save your relationship.

How To Avoid An Affair With A Cheater

With many factors in play, you may find yourself tempted to cheat. It is common, but when you know the consequences, you will be determined to avoid it. Here are some ways you can avoid having an affair with a cheater.

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Always Communicate with your partner

How to avoid an affair

It all begins with your relationship. Talking about your interests, dreams will grow and even turn to discussions about furniture, savings, and children when you move in together with your partner.

A relationship where partners communicate with each other thrives in all the circumstances, with all parties feeling accommodate and recognized.

Having an honest conversation with your partner will create a bond between you, building trust and commitment. If you rarely talk to your partner, one of you will eventually find someone they feel can lend them their ears.

Maintain your sex life

Sex creates an incredible bond between couples. Without sex, or an unsatisfactory sexual experience in your relationship could make one of the parties seeking a different experience, hoping to find a better experience. However, the amount or quality of sex is rarely the underlying issue. It is just a sign of disconnection in a relationship.

But the bottom line, maintain a minimum standard for your sexual experience that both of you can live with. When everything works fine, work on exploring new and untouched sexual experiences that could improve the experience.

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Invest in non-sexual touch every day

Cuddling, kisses, and hugs just feel good, in addition to strengthening the bond between you. Besides, they help us deal with stress in our daily lives, improving our general wellbeing. Hug every day for at least twenty seconds to trigger the hormones in your body to make you feel closer emotionally and physically.

 Bring your feeling home if they try to lead you outside

You may find yourself getting sexually attracted to someone else who is not your partner. If these feelings keep on coming, take them to your partner. Enhance your sexual pleasure with them rather than giving in to the feelings. Avoid encouraging sexual conversations like flirting with others. They can be fun, but they lead you to destruction. Rekindle your marriage at any feeling of flirtation.

Avoid Temptations

Discussing sexual topics with anyone of the opposite sex that is not your spouse is a recipe for cheating. Instead, save these talks for your partner or same-sex friends.

Avoid meeting in private places such as their places or hotels. Just insist on meeting them in public places where your feelings cannot go high.

Avoid drinking if you must meet them face-to-face. It will help you be alert and make sound decisions.

Separate yourself from them the moment you notice their motive. Parenting getting into any cheating situation is easier than trying to correct the mistake after the action.

Find a good same sex friend

Two friends talking sitting in a couch in the living room with a window in the background at home

You will not spend all your time with your partner. Sometimes, you just need to hang out with your friends to get some energy. Have that go-to friend(s) of the same sex whom you can talk to and have a good time with. 

Draw a line during your arguments

Conflicts in relationships are inevitable. If you do not argue without drawing some lines, making your partner feel like shit more often, they may just leave for someone who makes them feel appreciated and worthy. Set boundaries and stick to them. It will help you avoid complicating issues.

How To End An Affair

What if you are already in an affair after failing to avoid getting into it in the first place? But you feel like you can’t take it anymore.  It is not too late to make things right and restore your relationship. Here is what you can do to end an affair with a cheater.

Take control of your thoughts and the future

It can be very easy to decide to end an affair in one night and wake up the following morning with second thoughts. It happens. This is because most people having an affair feel they cannot control the situation and just live, hoping that it would end one day. 

Make your final decision about ending the affair and have someone that can support or hold you accountable if you do not stick to it.

Talk to them

Let them know that you are ending it. It is never easy, so you need to prepare how you will tell them. But going the first one will have less impact than when they tell you first, which feels like heartbreak. It is better to show them some respect by telling them face-to-face and let them know that you will be cutting future communications with them.

Cut any form of communication afterward and do everything necessary to avoid them.

Be honest with your partner

This will feel uncomfortable but letting it out of your chest to your partner may help your relationship work out again.

Think about your partner finding out the truth from someone else later in your relationship. Knowing you kept such a secret from them even after ending it could hurt more than the affair.

Let them decide on the fate of the relationship rather than keeping it to yourself. After all, you have shown the utmost respect to them and the relationship.

Think of the future

Believe in letting go and recovering. Ending an affair will not be easy, but it will be worth it. After you work on yourself after the affair, you will be a better person, having learned some lessons. It is also important to allow grief and discomfort caused by ending an affair to pass. If you need to grieve, do it. 

Afterward, focus on the optimistic future.

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