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Critical Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair

Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair

Signs your wife is having an affair are not as easy to see as men having an affair. We all know men are notorious for cheating, sometimes they even boast about it. Their polygamous nature is caused by the primal instincts to procreate and being fertile 24/7. Women generally are very honorable and faithful, emotionally charged and tend to stay responsible in a relationship or are they? Studies show that women between the age 18 – 29 are more likely to cheat than men. Women of all ages cheat but if your wife is in that age range she is more likely to. Being aware of the signs can also help you prevent it from happening and help the relationship be more fulfilling.

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Lack of Emotional Connection

Women are very emotionally charged and if they begin to feel a lack of emotional connection at home this could be very costly to your relationship. Helen Fisher, author of Why Him? Why Her? and Why We Love, says in her book that women cheat with someone that they are emotionally connected with because the loneliness at home is not fulfilling the emotional connection they need. If she is ignoring you more often, spending less time engaging in conversation about work and family, and does not ask your opinion these could be signs your wife is having an affair.

Avoiding Family Time

If your wife is cheating, her emotional connection with you is lower and that means family time is not as important. Family time usually fills the emotional cup, but if it’s being filled elsewhere it will not be as important to her. At the beginning of the relationship, you might remember she wanted to get to know your family and spend quality time with them, maybe you have kids and weekend getaways as a family was important. Now shes not initiating the family outings and rarely asks about your parents and siblings. This would be a red flag.

Pointing Out Faults

If your wife is pointing out all the reasons not to be with you, it might be her way to feel better when she breaks up with you. She won’t feel bad and you cannot blame her for it because you are the reason why things are so bad. This nasty trick is manipulative, creates arguments and is a road towards the end. If she is pointing out everything that is wrong with the relationship, its a clear sign she is not as interested, not feeling loved and she might be already finding all the good in someone else. We tend to easily point out the bad when we think someone else can show us the good.

Attempts To Look Sexier

New hair cut? Is it wild and sexy? Is it something she has never done before? Often when women are bored in their current relationship they look to do something new and exciting to spice things up. However, if there are other signs your wife is having an affair along with attempts to look sexier, she might not be doing it for you. Early in the relationship you both would dress up and keep fresh, as time goes on the routine to look your best slows down as you become more comfortable with each other. If she’s starting to keep fresh all the time, new sexy clothes and haircuts, this is up for questioning.

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Unavailable When Out Running Errands

If your wife is always on her phone or always has her phone with her, then suddenly when she is out and doesn’t reply to texts and phone calls within a reasonable time this might be one of the signs your wife is having an affair. It’s not an obvious sign if it happens irregularly, but if it becomes frequent you may need to consider having an important conversation. If you think your wife is cheating, you also need to think about what you would do if she was.

Evening Alone Time

It’s a good idea to have some alone time, especially after a long day of work or when life just keeps putting demands on the table. If alone time is usually books and tea, Netflix and snacks or anything that is not out of the normal routine that’s okay. If it turns into private time on the phone or late night computer visits she might be conversing with someone else. A change in alone time habits from something open to more secretive is a concern.

Gut Feeling

Intuition is not just for women, men have it too. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, it probably is. There is nothing outside of you that can give you the same message on the inside, this one is a little more tricky because it requires you to quiet your mind and listen to your heart. Let your wife know you have a gut feeling something is wrong and see how she responds. If she says its nothing, and blows it off quickly that could be one of the signs your wife is having an affair.

If you notice any of the signs your wife is having an affair

We have to recognize what it is we want, she married you for a reason and you married her for a reason. Communication is very important, remind her of the man you are and talk with her. She might not be cheating, there could be an explanation. Be open to what she has to say and really listen. If she is having an affair, you want to have a discussion with a trusted friend or a counselor about what you will do if she is. Is it worth fixing? In today’s busy world, it’s important to be more in the moment. You just might notice that she’s been giving you clues of what she wants and needs.

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